God Bubble needs to be nerfed: enables unraidable "safe bases"

This picture is just a basic idea of the concept-- imagine the same kind of isolated bubble base built 100% correctly at higher point:

My arguments assume that the isolated base is higher up (which is completely possible):

  • Yog is too weak to break anything, even if you fly over the base.
  • Other gods can’t reach a higher base.
  • Trebuchet rocks and other projectiles bounce off the inner bubble, and if built high enough trebuchets wouldn’t be able to aim at it.
  • Grease orbs / fire orbs would explode at the edge of the inner bubble.
  • Can’t stand somewhere to use weapon attacks to eventually take part of it down.
  • It’s possible to keep this bubble going forever if you constantly farm enough zeals / archpriests every 3 days.
  • This is type of base is counter to the theme of “no safe bases” that was given in the dev streams.

Literally impossible to raid if built correctly. Splash damage from trebs won’t be possible if built high enough and players have nowhere to stand to throw orbs from inside the bubble or inflict weapon damage


it looks so cool to be fair:grin:

Have you tested angling trebs they can get a a few dozen more yards but I haven’t looked at the hieght. It does give a higher arch but not entirely sure if it would reach.

Where are you finding an arch priest every 3 days?? Please let me in on your secret!

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Sick base brau! Harsh toke for raiders…

Did you try building a wall (with t3 fences at the top on both sides, making it unclimbable) all the way around, just past land claim? We did that to a dude with an “unraidable” base. Then we camped out and killed him every time he came out of his base or tried to get near the wall we built. Eventually he gave up playing, didn’t re-up the god shield. Trebuchets and explosives did the rest… Persistence pays off against bases like this.

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