Now tower bases with bubble are unraidable

Bases that are outof bomb range and on pillars with a god bubble are now #unraidable. Really. the only way to raid these people previously was to use the 20 agility perk and build a tower into the sky and jump. Now that is outof the game there is no way to pop that cherry. Demon-fire barrages through the bubble? maybe, anyone have the damage count on that?

I knew funcom would do this sortof garbage. You guys need to make projectile explosives that can penetrate a god bubble or the game is broke. If i cant wipe everyone i see i will stop playing.

Siege warfare is getting a revamp. It’s why they made this thread


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Well he does sound like an ■■■, but is he wrong? In a PVP environment, nothing should be truly unraidable, right? I don’t much care either way, being a PVE builder, but still.


If the statement had said “raid everyone” rather than “wipe everyone”, I wouldn’t have commented.
Personally, I haven’t seen a base (excepting undermeshed ones) that couldn’t be raided somehow. It’s the investment of ressources and time/manpower/alliances/tactics that defines, to me, whether a raid is viable or not.

But then again, I haven’t done that much raiding. Skirmishes are more fun to me

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Really? You are mad because a broken perk got fixed? You like being superman imune to fall dmg from the moon? For Crom sake, grow some balls and stop acting like a crying child, you should think to invade difficult bases and not use “easy skills”.

And as @Multigun stated, siege system is comming, wait for that to have fair play or go play GTA online to fulfill your cheap needs.


Wiouldn’t be so bad if people couldn’t abuse naked bombing. Now every base on PVP will be pillar lollipop turtle shells. Those that want to melee can’t becuase lay 8 bombs ignite is the new style. I agree using the “w” word ( i was taught to never use that word as part of my first alpha clan) is a–h-le-ish. But now people can just pop a bubble. there is no stategy, as the bubble pretty much makes you grind 9 hours to get enough God Power to do damage just to get in. And by that time, they have repaired the handful of cren you do destroy. They need to get the new siege out there asap, or TBH just remove gods and bubbles for now.

are you a noob?, use tar & explosive arrows… unraideable said… jejeje

we have a brain for use it!

Something tells me that FC didnt fix the agi perk before exactly because of that, those kind of bases in theory is the most safe (unraidable) unless someone used hacks or the infame agi perk.

I confess I used more than once to raid, but its just ridiculous easy, I hope too that siege system bring ways to deal with that. But all in the name of fair play, no more broken skills.

Instead, now broken pvp servers:/
No risk/reward, may as well be PVE-C servers.
Like i said, until they update siege, they need to fix gods/bubbles. Do 1 of 3 things.

  1. Remove Gods and Bubbles from PVP (hate this myself), or
  2. A 24 hour cool down between bubbles or
  3. Arch priest is consumed when popping a bubble, the same as a token (Would love this as a permanent change).
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Right now this has become the routine i have to deal with.

Clan starts to offline raid one of our bases, we log in, kill them, take what bombs they didn’t use, and they retreat to lollipop land. Can’t retaliate as the bubble is now too secure and easy to grind out. All we can do is repair/rebuild. Like i said PVE-C, with C being more of what they are---- C U next Tuesdays.

And too clarify, i have never used the leap of faith to raid a tower. but I also understand why it was used. I prefer to figure out a repeatable way that doesn’t depend on technical glitches. Same with 50 Stat, Javelin Stam, lag potions, etc. never used them. I am the better for it, as i have gotten better at the intended mechanics, while others have collapsed once bug is fixed.

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With a perfectly placed bubble (or bubbles) arrows explode in your face…so unraidable as in no true game mechanic to break in.

I like this idea, it is indeed too easy to farm bubbles, and would force the clan to step out of the base to look for more priests instead of just logging to refresh and recast the bubble.

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and tbh, it is probable a patch that could happen really quick. Its just a change to how the table is structured (i have the dev kit. so it just makes the arch consumed when flipped in a setting for the object if i am not mistaken). The difference only being is the altar stays intact. Token would still be more expensive, as you consume the altar.

Adding to this, technically you could make the level 2 priest viable, as it could give a 2 hour inner only bubble for 500 zeal. No true name token for them, but at least allow for a small bubble window in a pinch.


Thank you for the feedback :slight_smile: I have added this to my running list of siege/raid improvements

Nothing is unraidable. We found a way to raid even without agi perk. It’s not hard. You learn and adapt. All funcom did was take the easy road out for most :slight_smile:


That’s good. I was not speaking about this specific issue anyway, just in general terms.

Hey Jens,

I saw that the other forum post had been closed. But if you guys are planning to add mounts in the future, it may be an idea to add a mount or two that can fly (dragon or some sort of Conan Creature). This way you could use bow/arrows from horseback, giving opportunity to raid sky bases.

You could make it so the mounts can only fly for so long before needing to land to re-gen stamina.