Making unraidable bases raidable

We all have played PvP, raided many based and have been envolved in conflict. Some tough some easy. However we have all came across a base thats simply unraidable. For example. Pillar bases. They are small bases with anti climb on the bottom, high up the pillar away from explosive jar range, unraidable by any projectile due to god protection and this also provents gods from attacking too. Landclaim provents jumping towers in which you would build to jump on the base however this doesnt work due to fall damage. So there are no options to raid these bases. But I would like to recommend that god protection bubbles take damage by treb’s. I would recomend that the bubble has the same durability of black ice sturctures and have 500 000 hp to 1 000 000 hp which would take a heap of explosives however this counter all unraidable bases. It would be a good idea as god protection wouldnt be broken overpowerd. But it would still be a essentical asset to any base and when the god protection is broken it will expose the base to more raiding options rather than waiting for the bubble to go down. However with the cheap cost of god protection it could be weeks and weeks before it goes down. You should really concider my proposal as it would make conan a much better experience and im sure alot of people would agree on my idea. If you dont think this is a good idea. Atleast try raid a base with such description and understand what i mean. All we are asking for is some way to destroy god protection bubbles. Thanks.


Oh man… I don’t know what to say about it. In my eyes god protection is a way to defend your base while you are offline. If you built smart and have god protection, that’s a way to protect yourself from being raided while you are offline. Some people, lets say half of the active players are not children and they have RL stuff to do and not sit and playing all day long. So what would be the point in having god protection after it will go down in 40-50 treb shots. And btw I don’t if you know but you can still do dmg through god bubble using Treb jars, the dmg is little but if you have enough you can destroy whatever is under the protection.

As someone who has not played PvP, nor raided any bases, I’m just wondering: why would someone having a small, unraidable base bother you? Is it impinging upon your land claim? Is it particularly ugly? Did its owner pave over your favorite resources? Are they actively trolling you?

Just trying to wrap my head around why someone would even care…


It’s essentially PVPers complaining that they cannot come in and destroy someone’s base because that someone used their brains to place the base in such a way as to prevent it.

I imagine those who like to gang up on smaller bases or solo players are just gnashing their teeth because they cannot use their typical bullying tactics with bases like this.


If I am not mistaken, Jhebbal Sag Avatar attacks goes through the bubbles (still, comon FC), Im sure this is a bug because the “Anti God Protection” should protect from its attacks like the name proposes, so if you want to bring down that pillar base with bubbles, thats the only way (if the bubble is covering everything).

It takes more than one Avatar tho, consider that, but his attacks are sufficiente to break crenelated walls, so you can climb and do the rest of the job with jars.

Buuuuuuuuuuuuut, this is a cheap tactic, as being a bug/glitch, and I think one that build smart against all kind of attacks, should remain “unraidable” as reward, I know bubbles are lasting longer than it should, but if the player logs every 2 days to farm zeals to recast the protection, its his merit, til he fails and someone take the advantage.


All bases should have some sort of “weakness” for lack of a better word. PVP servers are not builder bob sand boxes. I think Jhebal being able to hit the bubble with the wind (which is what is doing the damage, not actual contact) makes sense. If you want to stop it, then come out of your turtle/lollipop build and stop it. It is PVP, not hide and build. And from my interactiopn with pillar clans, most are troll like in their fighting. They will blow open 1 wall on a thrall house, you show up to melee, and they run and don’t return. Most prefer not to have a PVP conflict, and lean toward offline raiding as their main seige tactic. The RL argument goes both ways. Some people don’t want to log in and just sit around just so the pillar trolls won’t offline raid them.

I believe in that too, for that I think the Siege System is going to take care.

So what means “Anti God Protection” ? No, I don’t agree with Jhebbal Sag attacks going through bubbles, it shouldn’t happen because he is the only God that can hit like this, so all the other Gods become pointless, its a bug, and FC should fix it for the meaning of the purpouse Anti God Protection.

Well, turtle/lolipop bases are ugly, yes, but in PvP there is not much choice are there? People do that because is the most efficient way to become protected, trolls or not, players will always look for that, no one wants to be raided, there are still several spots for undermeshing bases, and THAT’s the real problem, those that must be taken care off, not people who taken advantage on the environment like high places.

There is another problem with the Jhebbal Sag, offline raiding, even for a clan that would fight back someone using Jhebbal Sab, when they’re not online, the attacker will succeed because of a BUG! Do you think thats fair?

Thats why Jhebbal Sag attacks can’t go though bubbles, let the upcomming Siege System says how happens.

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I agree with Caco. Players will always seek for the best possible defense. About Jhebbal, yes it is kinda bugged atm and should be fixed.

I sort of object to apex bases, but that’s because the effect the have on balance for raid mats and equipment. A large castle with thick walls can be rather easily demolished with explosives while an apex base can’t be due normal ‘historical’ siege methods not being possible. The pillar is indestructible, but the foundations aren’t.

Personall I’d like to see more limitaitons on building like adding shear, stretch and load values to blocks so that apex bases must remain really small, basiclaly remove explosives and replace them with battering rams, scaling ladders, siege mines, sappers and siege towers


I agree. Walls are useless, unless you pour a ton of mats for honeycombing, and even then it only saves some of the walls integrity.

PVP raid servers should not have a way to not be raided. If one does not want to be raided, play on PVE-C. There are many a people who get ersonally but hurt about being raided, but that is part of the game. Unless you lollipop and turtle up. The game is becoming cloud city LOL. It is Conan. Load should be apart of the building stability. The fact the 1 tiny pillar can hold floors and floors of weight is ridiculous, and needs to be fixed if Sag is nerfed.

And @Caco , the fact that the Jhebal wind damages to me says it is not a bug. At least until Funcom says otherwise. Just because one doesn’t like the mechanic, does not mean it is a bug. I could say building 50 story towers on a thin rock, and a few foundations is a bug. But it is not. It is a game mechanic.

And as for offline raiding, that is a tactic no matter how you build a base. Everything else could be balanced perfectly, yet someone will still try and raid offline players.

And as far as balance of Gods, i agree some are useless. Right now its Sag for destruction, and if you can, Set for protection, otherwise Sag as well. The other 4 are useless, except for maybe some RP elements.

You are saying that but I assume your base/building is not 1 floor in total right? what is the difference between pillar or flat terrain, it’s still part of the ground, higher or not. .same thing. For floors you have to keep the stability up, that’s the game mechanic for that, you want it higher, build it stable, or tight.

I don’t think that you should be the one who decided where people to play. If I want I will play pvp and build safe (hard to raid) and that should be an option for me to decide. PVP doesn’t necessary means be raided all day every day. What’s the point in playing a survival/building game if there are no ways/options for you to protect what you built.

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There are ways to raid any base, but you have to be smart for that. You want changes, to make it easy for you, why? Just think, plan, fight and raid. Don’t go like “please, make it easier to raid so I can raid someone”. That starts to sound like you just got raided and you want revenge, but you can’t get it because your opponent plays/ed smart. Sound like you are raging or something…

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Far from it. I just know many a people who left game because of offline raiding and troll raiders who don’t want to melee and thnik officials are there own personal build a bear. I have actually enjoyed wiping the lollipop guilds from servers (nothing like climbing and finding that one missing cren!!!, then godding up in their base as well). Getting a text saying you are cheating (never have, never will) means i hit them where it hurts. I prefer servers where people build and raid and don’t get personal. But the lollipop guilds tend to be the most sensitive when it comes to raiding, and personal as if their virtual loot will some how make their RL more fruitful. For most it is PVE-C gameplay unitl THEY want to raid.

Not telling anyone where to play, but there are servers for types of game play for a reason. I wouldn’t go on PVE and complain about all the buildings i see that are not great builds and are in my way, because that server is not about what i think should and shouldn’t be built. PVP raid servers are just that, servers where people go to raid each other, and hope to find some melee.

Also, yeah i get raided. Thats why i am on PVP raid servers. I just get tired of coming out to defend and they dip and retreat to lollipop land. If i log off, they return. If i show up at their base, they turtle up, and thus no fun. Just an annoying game at that point. I trudge thru, but many a friend have quit to actually play a game, not hide and seek or farm simulator.

The user you responded to is not the one deciding where people should play - they are suggesting that if you don’t want to be raided, you have already made the decision to play on PVE-C, because playing on PVP is an acceptance that raiding is going to happen.

The point of playing a survival/building game without a surefire way to protect your investment is the heightened suspense and fear of being attacked, the necessity of hiding bases and being sneaky, the ‘higher stakes’ that come with such vulnerability.

If you aren’t down with that, you should definitely not be playing such a PVP-based game. Lucky for you, Funcom has incorporated modes to accommodate people who are not interested in being raided, and they’re called PVE and PVE-C.

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Oh I’ve been raided plenty of times, that’s how you learn to play the game, build better, fight better… I’m enjoying it. I’m just saying that there is always a way to raid someone… of course if you are a solo player against a clan of 10, that would harder to achieve but … there are ways, build a bigger clan, organize, make alliances tec. He stated that they should nerf pillar bases because he thinks those are unraidable… but they are actually not.
Btw are you his/her dad? lmao

If you re-read the segments I had previously quoted from you, it seemed like you were taking a pro-“carebear” stance (for lack of a better term).

No, just a fellow Exile responding to amusing posts.

Carebear lmao not all… It’s actually good to have an opponent who is not an easy raid, makes the game interesting… makes you think more, makes strategies, use tactics. If they lower all defenses of the game that would ruin it. I’m actually play on a server where there is that big clan, all fortified, huge chunk of land claimed, god bubble on 24/7… it is kinda fun :slight_smile: So I and some other enthusiasts are claim back land on a daily basis (when possible) to get to the point of an actual raid. If I could raid them solo, in one day, what would I do after? Farming and waiting and hoping for a new big clan to come and grow big so becomes a challenge?
There are already way less players playing the game… so that would probably happen soon/if happens at all.

It’s actually pretty fun for me playing the game. There were times when I raided everybody on the server, most left. Then there was a big clan showed up and raided me, then I took revenge, then it there were some peaceful / farming / wandering in the game times and now another big clan… it has been while now… but that’s work in progress, like I said if I could raid them in one day, then what?

I agree regarding the gods.

Set: Poison antidotes, Gas Mask and Protection
Jhebbal Saag: Cheap god attacks.
Derketo: Stamina potions (can be done with T1 temple)
Ymir: Glacier Crack (the hardened steel axe) which gives +5 heat protection
Mitra: Useless, it’s easier to make aloe extract, aloe soup or herbal tea
Yog: Useless, too expensive to god and now that food has decay timer a trip to the dregs is more effective than farming flesh.

This is one of the things I like about the ELI mod, it adds useful religious armor (e.g. mitra light heat resist grit) and the religious weapons are the new end tier (e.g. tenderizer now has super sunder -100% armor on 4th heavy attack).

Returning to the pillar bases, perhaps making elevators non-removable would help?

So I’ve been enjoying my pve build, but miss the human element… so should I make a pvp toon?

Never mind… i just worked that one out…

As I yelled at birth, “hope you mothtruckers are ready for me!”

Yeah ok, my English wasn’t great right then…