What are you doing to this game?

I don’t do a lot of raiding so i just discovered that now one can set an explosive like any other placeable, it sticks to surfaces that aren’t flat. ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MINDS? One of the defensive measures was to build in a way that placing bombs was difficult or impossible because of uneven terrain. No you have removed that aspecct as well. You make everything about raiding easier and easier to the point of ridiculous but no improvements in defending. What goes through your minds when you think of these things? There’s no way that Funcom brainiacs are players themselves. But anyways, good job on destroying the game little by little.


I dont think it does that, although I CAN now place an explosive on a meteor without the need of building a sandstone foundation next to it… I find this a good change.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

It took only a couple of years.

That’s an expensive way of getting Starmetal. A single explosive arrow shot works. Cull Resources (T2 spell) also harvests the node through the shell.

T2 spells cost gold (cloth pouch) so it can also be considered expensive. I dont think the spell is worth it, since pouches are too heavy also. And yes, I am max sorcery, I have access to this stuff.

Well, in reality I am swimming in both demon blood and gold so its no big deal anyway.

My suspicion is that they are not interested in sieges or as some here may view as “long term Alphas with giant bases”. Whether the latter is true or not.

Fun of placing it, and trying not to blow yourself up is so much more fun. XD

Are we talking about regular explosive jars or the timed explosive jars I noticed in the admin panel? Those things I hope will never find their way to pvp

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