Explosives & Range

I play on a pvp server and I got raided a few times. And its fine its a pvp server.
But there is something about the jars there are nagging me that I hope you will look into.

Jars have an enormous damage radius… 8 tiles in every direction from center.
Its really huge, Also gas + Fire orbs have a huge radius.

So whenever someone raids you just to get some of your stuff like steal your iron. They can’t do that without damaging or destroying a lot of your base.

Its like you can’t raid or get raided others for a specific thing without being a di*** and destroying a lot of other stuff. There is no idea on a pvp server to build anything nice as it all will get destroyed even the things that no one can use…

And another problem with the huge explosive range is that it damage walls and foundations through other walls? I have a 3 thick wall of foundations. someone put a jar up to it. And my wall on the other side of the building. through 3 foundations and 2 walls got damage? And I’m not able to repair the middle ones without breaking my walls down to get to the middle ones?
The damage through other walls and foundations is a bad thing.

Hope this is something you will talk about. Special the last part.

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