Explosiv Jar range reduced. Not in Patchnotes

Greetings everyone,

Bombs reach to place them down had been reduced but i couldnt find anything about it in the patchnotes. From ca. 8 foundation placement range reduced to 3 foundation placement range. (BTW. in creative mode as admin it worked as intented)
Maybe it has something to do with the new sorting system you implemented since Explosiv Jars are now sorted under “Decoration” but theyre werent before.

Can you please take a look into this, since its impossible to place explosiv jars one after another if you are that close in front of it. You just die of your own bombs.

This appears to be intentional, like it used to be.

I agree with this change.

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If it would be intentional it would be mentioned in the patchnotes, otherwise it happened by coincidence since it is still possible to place it further away in creative mode.

They don’t announce all changes. Sometimes don’t even acknowledge the inquiries about it.

Like the change to prevent most use of toggle debug hud.

Reported when it was removed and any report was moved to feedback.

Only then was it explained as intentional.

Anyway with this no more bomb PvP or bomb spam. Need to be strategic, patient and vigilant. It was requested by many including me.

yeah that change was much needed because giving no luck to a defender to do anything, and allowing to an attack to even kill people only with bomb and fire…

and they also nerfed the craft time of bomb which is good, now have to been tested in real war conditions on pvp server to see how the balance goes.

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That’s a good change.

I can tell you for sure after having raidtime now on our Community the players are not happy.
Even with 0,5 productionspeed factor the bomb needed 15 seconds to craft. With this kind of slow bombing it would be impossible to get into a base with active defenses.
Most stacked/honeycombed bases needs a huge blast or perma bombing to get slightly a chance to get in since repairing got so easy + you could just rebuild.

A jar is doing around 5,5k-6,5k dmg (without fire) and stacked bases can have just one triangle foundation with 350k HP Pool (legally stacking methods). You need for one stacked foundation around 54 Jars that means you need 13min to craft these on our server which allready has reduces craftingspeed.

To summerize:
Since the construction hammer came into the game the life as defender was getting way easier and now with the ExploJar nerf on range and crafting time it will gets to a point where raiding will nearly not possible anymore.

At least this is from the perspective of an PvP-Player

I agree with you about how it was necessary to build honeycomb/stacked bases to ward off how bomb damage was almost impossible to defend against. I even made a post about it, explaining why PVP bases required larger builds.

So ya, there’s going to be an imbalance here to a degree.

Remember when it took more bombs to take down a vault? That hasn’t been changed.

Unless you’re a serious raiding clan, the majority of PVP players do not know how to cheese/strategize everything. Like bomb spam, understanding bomb placement, making quick calculations on bombs required vs. building health.

The length of bomb placement also created such situations of naked bombing. You take what, 5 to 10 precrafted out and die and STILL you were able to get through? That should never have happened and was in many ways meta for some.

Using explosives should come with great risk as it used to be. You had to be smart, quick and be ready for anything.

It will probably take some tweaks as time goes on. Unless Funcom starts setting up no rebuild during PVP time, everyone will have to git gud, so to speak.

it mean you will need to take risk and pre craft it and store it, or use merchand that sell already crafted bomb.

you have now to think about all possibility of raid system, bomb, arrow, god, trebuchet or battering ram, but no more the opening of a base that took weeks to build in 5mn without no skill. i start to explore it in real pvp on offficial, will need time to see if they went too far or not, but for sure it was needed to nerf this cheap raiding with too quick bomb.

but yes for sure all those who were used to this insane rate of bombing killing defender with fire will not be happy, because it will be now far more harder for an attacker, and yes in front of someone that rebuild will now be a real pain in ass.

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Here again to clear up that it has to be not intentional.
If you place your jar from two foundations high you can still place it 8 foundations far…
So im pretty sure they did a little mistake here

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