Explosive Jars Are Broken

Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvP
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: Any
Mods: None

Bug Description:

So I wasn’t sure whether this would be a feature request or a bug report, but decided on bug report because the way it’s currently implemented is so broken in lore/balance/common sense that there’s no way it was implemented this way intentionally. But you can currently place explosive jars from your inventory out to an absurdly long distance, surely this is a mistake and you are meant to be restricted to placing these annoyingly heavy and cumbersome items a mere few meters from your character. Clearly it’s a bug because to allow placing these jars at absurd distances makes base raiding comically easy and removes any need to use other tools like the trebuchet (which happens to have a long range explosive jar delivery option.)

Bug Reproduction:

Repro by playing your game


The sad thing is, it’s been like that since they introduced them.

The bomb mechanic literally never got changed since 2017.

So you can see how much they care about PvP/Raiding in their own game.


New update called Age of War. But everything related to War is broken or glitchy.

Still waiting for confirmation on whether this is a bug or intended gameplay. Although we did get the report received tag so… maybe it is actually a bug?

We have “carryables” now with AoW. There’s promise in that. Seems like the most sensible way to have someone deliver an explosive jar.


You can place bombs through doors, hatches, gates, gate frames, and you can angle bombs onto foundation, walls, and anti climb

The report-received just notes the same or similar reports were accessed.

If i recall i reported this issue like 4 years ago. That you could place jars extremely far out and on fence and founded pieces etc.

Guess they flat out refuse to fix it, if the issue is still present.

Shouldnt raiding be hard? Seems awfully easy, easier than defending.

Since the bats, raiding from above is quite effective. Now I’m making traps for those who bat in. Because of that I can say it’s not unraidable.

It’s farther, been this way since AoS launch.

I can stand on the ground, look up and jig a jar in place on most outcrops of perma structure.

Look down approximately 6+ foundations and place bombs.

It wasn’t this way before and shouldn’t be. You still had to get relatively close and that it was a risk.

Couple that with the double jumping while placing it is a clown show with little risk or repercussion.

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Found a fix for double jumpers on my soil. It doesn’t stop the explosive arrows, however.

This is true, bats should just be straight up removed. Or add a toggle in server settings and disable them on PVP servers.

Remove bats from pvp and make jars both harder to farm and harder to place would go a long way to making the PVP raiding mechanics less toxic.

Pvp wouldnt be so broken raiding bases…that if thralls could use trebs and we had batistas that can be put on walls. Mount and blade banner lord does sieges just fine.

Enjoy that game, but that’s overstating it a bit. They do have better ai but fine is a stretch.

my point was it’s not impossible not to be able to program thralls to sit or use trebs etc.

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