It is WAY TO EASY to raid a base

Maybe you’ve seen toxic playstyle on every server you went because you are part of this toxicity?
Just a point to consider, since you’ve said some things that might indicate this:

None of these quotes isolated by themselves would indicate that you are toxic, but the combination does seem to point towards a rather toxic playstyle and mentality.
The only sound argument you could make for toxic playstyle is to compete against others who are being toxic… I find it suboptimal though.


That’s the thing, it’s not really “toxic” to play like this.

Is it fair? Hell no.
Should there be more honour? Probably.

The only toxic situations I’ve really considered to be truly “toxic” are breaking of rules, harassing, chasing server to server, etc.,…

This one would like to note that, as mentioned before, there are some nearly impregnable bases (or rather, locations.
Other than those, the fortifications we can create might as well be paper maché.

And that is the problem.
There is no middle ground really.
It’s either basically unassailable or it’s a world of cardboard.
Every base melts to IEDs, except the ones with all upper and outward facing walls made of permanent terrain feature.

There aren’t really defensive options. None that matter, other than the Bubble. And even that is only useful in conjunction with sagacious build placement.
There are no principles of good base design, because they all crumble at a glance. There are not strategies for placing thralls to maximum effect, because the slave soldiers are basically useless, especially at range. Archery pathing fails is another thread of it’s own…
The only real defensive “traps” worth the materials they are constructed from are considered exploits.

If it were bad execution in concordance with lore, this one would be more forgiving…
But it’s not.
Unless this one missed which story Howard has Conan using his ancient atlantean pipe bomb to blow up an eyesore tower…

You do, however unless the player is using unauthorized code (hacking) require the game the player(s) is/are playing be played within coded parameters . So in this case, yes, yes you can balance players by restricting and allowing functions and directions in the game.

But what does this word mean? Playing with the goal to make people quit the server falls fully, and by definition, as toxic. It’s literally playing the game to see how many people you can frustrate to leave and that is BS. No one, in any other game type, would accept as viable play style. Can you imagine a game of Uno, MtG, Warhammer, charades, monopoly, chess, D&D,etc etc etc bring played that way? This is why I backed away with the only acceptable solution is retreat to a stash holding position until the toxicity leaves…been waiting 2 years now with the occasional building a base to test the waters and within 2 weeks it’s gone. If pvp has simply turned into this king of the hill, chase folks away, then no thanks and it can die on the vine because the toxic floater clans will dominate and they can all circle jerk their depleting numbers and turn off the light when they are done.

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But keep in mind that our viewpoints of what is honourable isn’t what is considered in the way the game is. Doesn’t mean it’s toxic.

People are also quick to give up, it was always like that even when battles and wars would last.

Again, this is why I believe DBD, wipes and x1 are the way to go.

Some changes like removing the ridiculous distance of placement of bombs as an additional change because well, why? What was the point?

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I made a bug report regarding jars being “broken”. We know funcom actually looks at bug reports (maybe not fix, but looks at) so I encourage people to keep that post alive as well as this one.

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It must be new sorcery (Hah) that allows now for bombs to levitate into place and stay upright. Use your power wisely or in case of bombs just use your power overly.

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or make them 24/7 DbD. Then we will see how try hards fare against actual combat. Vs wait until they log off one day, then spam 2k bombs to wipe, avoiding any and all pvp with the enemy.


The server could lag real badly (normal for many) and they can avoid real pvp.

So guys … explain me :
Have to look like a official pvp server for you ?

I would rather we have to use trebuchets etc actual siege engines for raids instead of easy-as-pie explosives in massive quantities. Siege engines could have longer range and not break down so quickly to make attacking certain bases better.

Another nerf to explo jars that I would want to see is make them craftable in the alchemy bench ONLY. That way a person couldnt carry 300 jars worth of explosives on their person and blow apart any base in existence. Or at least it would be more annoying.

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My gut feeling is the heroic anim and treasure walk will be the talk next chapter.

Yes and no. Honorable would be not taking out of game information and using it in game or lying to each other. I’m fine with that. HOWEVER if your goal is to push players off the server, that is by definition toxic. You aren’t trying to have a game with other players. You are literally bullying other kids out of the sandbox so that you and your friends can enjoy the public sandbox alone. That isn’t about honor. That is a level of immaturity that simply needs to be excised from the game so that the game can grow.


Nailed it. There are some serious bullies playing this game. I had to play with one for awhile. Other players complained about the bully pulpit. It the one thing that makes players question if they should leave. There is no control over such climate. It amazes me what people sweep under the rug. :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:

When players get bored there is that temptation. When you are in a 40+ clan, you know there is somebody online planning for prime time. I seen people tout their judgement about behavior on here. :face_vomiting:


For me? The point of the server is to have it’s own world/sandbox where people come in and play with the perspective of this server is the only option. The idea of server bouncing should be shunned if not banned (IE you get 5 servers you can play on and that’s it. You have to drop one of your characters to start in a new server) . You play within that server and work with others to develop a social dynamic specific for that server where alliances and rivalries are present and battles ensue.

the point here is that the players are trying to maintain the idea of the server specific world and PoV. This idea of inter-server clans has seriously detrimented the game and the fun therein. Yeah you could say that this is a RP idea and should be moved to that type of server but in all reality the game should be about immersion and if you aren’t in it for such a thing, then why are you playing to begin with? Hell might as well just go back to an 8bit game if it’s only about the function of PVP, right? There is some level of immersion that we all want…even these diehard pvpers. Why do we immediately resort to say that the least amount of immersion should be the standard vs the most?

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We have server types for a reason.

Though I would agree with some of this suggestion on the provision that if you engage a player structure and never attack online player then you should be banned for not pvping on a pvp server.

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But the question is what level of immersion is needed for PVP-CE before it gets to counter the play (or any of the play types) because we each have our own levels. Like most things in this game. There are levels of grey in each stance we have. Skybases are cheating but poking to see through walls is perfectly acceptable? Immersion is one where there is grey just like the abuse of mechanics.

Ridged and specific rules line by line would be required to clearly define what a server is and is not for this to work.

The same exploits this game has always had are still present and bans and punishments handed out are so slow that for them to be any slower would require time travel to make it possible.

Agreed there are far too many grey areas in this game. I do not think this is not without reason.

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