What do you think about vault spamming on pvp servers?

It’s a bit ridiculous how larger clans spam vaults literally everywhere. Like a bajillion of them at home to hide their loot (so like 1 in 10 has anything in it), or using them as landclaim, or 3-4 as forward raid bases with t3 mini-bases built with them to ensure they don’t decay.

Not a fan of it personally that it’s become a part of base defences - just randomly spamming them all over the place. I like the concept of them, but they’re never anything other than a pain in the rear - never a tasty raid target, due to the fact they’re so easily spammed.

I feel like they need a rework, or possibly a max limit that can be built per clan.

I might be alone in these thoughts and fair enough if so. What do you all feel about them?


To be honest I find them an annoying eyesore just like you do and they break my immersion.

I’ve also often thought (even when I was a new player) that vaults seem like there should be one per player. But the problem with limiting them is that nothing else I can immediately think of has limits, and that seems to be a deliberate choice for the game. I guess Funcom expects people to role play and have restraint.

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Me, it doesn’t bother me - not one bit. It doesn’t affect my PVP game play at all. I’m not sure how it could affect my immersion - maybe I’m never immersed? :stuck_out_tongue: And hide the sausage seems like a legit tactic…

Oh wait… Hide The Sausage is a completely different game. :smiling_face:
What am I thinking of?

If they’re actually spammed (like 8 or more of them) or obviously being used as land claim exploits, then if you’re the kind of person to use the report system, just do that. Don’t need a thread about it. Don’t need to ask FC to limit us all, just deal with it your way.

40 bombs per vault. very cheap to blow up.

or just farm a mitra and summon him in the middle of them all and wipe out a ton because mitra is insane.

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So we can’t build big and we can’t build layered. We can’t landclaim to protect from trebs. And now we also shouldn’t be allowed to use vaults to hide loot?

At what point do we just remove the build system from pvp servers?


speaking about can’t build big. A base I made for my clan and I at 06 docks got funcom wiped the other night. it was only 9k pieces. Had no stacking either. :thinking:

Few of us were in the base when it happened. Not a single loot bag dropped, everything just vanished.

Edit: The chinese clan that we transferred to wipe that built in the gutter with stacking and huge spam outside their base didn’t get touched though. Hrmm. Weird.

TRUE. HahahahHAhah

Gee I had a masive brainfart going on while reading “Vault” spam I was thinking about Vaults in the Isle of Siptah haha!

Back on topic:

I hate them from the start, not only even in PvP but also in PvE(C), but I’m against every obnoxious big building. I don’t count the benches, they’re okay. But the altars, stables, pen (even the single one is huge), maproom and also these vaults.

But I also don’t like the kind of any placeable spammed.

It is even a little immersion breaking to place a vault on a mountain for example, its way out of proportion.
This has also to do with the map being kinda small compared to placeables, beutiful but small :slight_smile:

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  • No one ever said we can’t build big.
  • No one ever said we can’t build layered.
  • No one ever said we can’t use our base’s layout to protect from trebuchet attack.

They said:

  • We can’t cover up too much of the map - spawn points and POI’s.
  • We can’t use fence stacking for our layering.
  • We can’t use land-claim “spam” (discontinuous blocks and block groups) that serve no other purpose.

And, no one is saying we can’t use vaults - or even a few dummy vaults - to hide loot.

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Well technically they did say we can’t build big. I’d say “massive constructions” is pretty close to saying don’t build big.

Although i’d love a building piece count so my poor 9k build piece base don’t get funcom’d again.


The full sentence goes:

  • Massive constructions or over-use of memory intensive items leading to loss of performance both on client and server-side.

So as long as the “massiveness” doesn’t lead to [too much] “loss of performance” you should [crosses fingers] be OK. By my estimation 9k (parts, not placeables) is maybe pushing the limits. Testing on a few machines for server performance and mainly a 5600X, 2080Ti for client, everything is hunky-dory up to about five or six thousand parts. After that it looks like weaker machines would be taking a performance hit enough to actually notice and mess with the playability. The server doesn’t seem to care that much. The server suffers mostly from multiple connections - and especially if they’re in the same area of the map - like 5 ~ 8 people all traveling together in a raid quest. I got the server to actually show a significant difference with part numbers alone, only after adding 1,080 radium lights to an already HUGE build - I think it 12k parts but just now forgetting… I have it written down somewhere. :stuck_out_tongue: And even with all that it wasn’t anything that would cause a player to experience lag from the server (given a ping of less than 100) - although with that, the client was crawling…

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Spam of any kind is a pain to deal with. It’s hard to blame PvPers for exploiting game mechanics when funcom has failed to address the underlying problems with PvP. The current PvP system encourages spamming and other exploits because they work, and no viable alternative has been presented to replace them.

PvP has a completely separate aspect from PvE and therefore should have different mechanics and rules on their servers.

Well take a look at what they originally thought about bases. :slight_smile:

Must be placed on flat ground too ofc. Like they showcase in all their videos and screenshots.

Screenshot source:


That’s still acceptable… Shouldn’t be a problem!

By my count that whole thing is only 2 or 3 thousand parts (and MUCH closer to 2k). As long as that isn’t blocking any important content (mini-boss or boss spawns, etc.), and isn’t too near any POIs - especially named ones. There’s no reason for that to be demolished.

It shouldn’t be up to the player to know the technicalities of the game engine or hardware specs of the backend servers. Funcom needs to program the rules into the game so that players can’t overburden the system. Or they need to optimize their systems to work with the current rules.

That is completely subjective. What exactly constitutes “Massive”? What player knows which items are memory intensive? What exactly constitutes “intensive”? How much “loss of performance” is acceptable? Only they know the answers to these and if their system can’t handle how players like to play then they need to make some programming changes


OMG, again… really???

I don’t get it. Did I miss something?

A few scores of folks asking that and being answered a few scores each maybe? Where have you been for the last 6 to 8 weeks? Scores (plural) times Scores (plural) equals A LOT! :slight_smile:

Anyway the build @AxeIsAnnoying is showing is just fine! That’s six blocks high at the tallest point and about 50 or 60 blocks around… 6x60=360 parts for that entire outer wall - just to get you started. The center tower thinggy is way less than (or at most) 300 parts. :stuck_out_tongue: If there’s a floor plane covering the ground it is less than 20x15 (more like 18x12) so 20x15=300 and a bit more if using wedges. etc. So we’ve counted all the main parts and haven’t even gotten to 1K.

Now imagine what 9k would be like - LOL :clown_face: :face_with_spiral_eyes: :crazy_face:

Edit: And some players are claiming their builds are 20k ~ 40K. FFS!

you’re missing my point. “massive” is subjective. Funcom hasn’t defined it. The “answers” from the forums are opinions and guidelines. Only Funcom can define their definition of “massive”. Re read my previous post. I explain it pretty clearly I think.


No, it’s not subjective! It’s common sense, AND it’s qualified by “causing problems” or not.