Now tower bases with bubble are unraidable

Projectiles are absorbed the same way bombdamage is… :wink:
Otherwise, great hint. Though that requires a crapton of time if I am right.

However it’s casual friendly. If I was supposed to be playing pvp on official in the same team I have been until recently… Well… I wouldnt want to play with them. They are okay with efficient buildings as long as they arent too cramped and other than that like to build big, which competely contradicts my way.
Hide and seek. There are quite a few places of which people have to think about first… :wink:

And thing is, not everyone is able to pump 4-6 hours a day into a game just to be present and thus at least be able to get help from clanmates. …

I am curious about those siege changes. I hope siege and building will be balanced. (In terms of cost.)
Sure - building might be cheaper, but then again the current situation is just bad. People just do offline raids all the time.

Anyway. I kinda lost interest in pvp.
Too many people using glitches, outright hacks or exploiting - or just using macros to be twice as fast as their opponents if those are fighting fair and square…
But how to fix this? I doubt it’s possible to fix…

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