Raiding issues - inner bubble does not suppress siege boulder AOE

I’m raiding on 616 and my clan discovered something last night… not sure if this in intended but here we go.

We raided a base that has three bubbles around it. We discovered that we can hit the bubble with Treb siege boulders and the aoe damage of the boulder will go through still damaging the base.

Is this a known problem? Or is this working as intended?

We were only able to go so far with the aoe damage but we did take out a decent amount of layers.

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The bubble is for gods only, and more specifically each alter only protects against its corresponding god. They do nothing for siege otherwise.

Ok if that’s the case then why does it deflect boulders and arrows but the splash damage from boulders get through.

To your point - if its a god defense then why does it deflect boulders from directly hitting …
If it’s intended to block all the why does the splash damage go past the bubble?

Anyone else think this is an issue?

Oh another problem …the bubble is perm or is that a bug? I don’t think the server and clan have that many arch priests to burn for all around the clock bubble protection.

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Bubbles do not burn the Archpriest. So long as you can feed the mat requirement every period (36 hours?) the bubble stays up.

The splash damage seems more like an error that should be looked at.

That’s not true, it’s supposed to protect against projectiles. You can’t hit someone on one side of the bubble with arrows from the other side.

I understand why you think that though, it’s very poorly implemented and doesn’t work fully as intended. There’s angles that still probably go through and orbs can be angled where they explode within the bubble. Don’t worry though boys, I’m sure they’ll fix it by launch (Kappa). #rushed #devs

Wassup fellow 616! :slight_smile: The INNER bubble is supposed to protect from projectiles, both ways. For example, you cannot shoot your bow to the outside from the inside of an inner bubble. The AOE damage from treb boulders and demonfire barrage seem to be unintended.

The perma bubble is NOT supposed to be there. It is supposed to have a decay timer, just like the True Name tokens. Set and Mitra right now are especially easy to get up, as it only requires you to craft the tools to earn zeal, which is also NOT supposed to happen. Yog and Ymir require good old fashioned farming for zeal.

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Hey Biggins!!!

A lot of good info here and also sounds like some big problems. Hope this is fixed before launch it’s a game killer imo. Nearly every base that I see on the server has a bubble around it. Most of them are Mitra bubbles too but there are plenty of colorful domes and lights going into the sky.

Yeah, they’ve been a little bit of a challenge, but there’s still workarounds as you guys are finding.

Absolutely the perma bubble should be going away. It’ll make base building more challenging when you think about defense. Also the Purge system should challenge the traditional notions we have about base building right now. After all, the bigger/higher tier the base, the stronger the purge is supposed to be. And don’t forget the decay system improvements… yeah, much is changing for the better - hopefully.

I’m running out of ideas on how to breach bases that are the size of mountains and with bubbles… it’s a struggle. The bubble being up makes it that much harder.

There is a lot manage when trying a siege with active clans. Quite an experience for sure. Good times 616!

Yeah man, been there, several times over :slight_smile: But for me, the sieges, both offensive and defensive, are one of the fun things of the game. Coordinating with clanmates, carrying out the plan, calling audibles when things go haywire (and they always do)… it’s cool. And I’m really hoping those improvements come because it’ll only make things more intense!

Going after a base with a perma bubble is tough. We did it to another clan once while they defended… took us 10 hours! It was intense, and tough, but in the end, one of the most fun experiences I have had.

You guys have been fun to play with. I’m sure some of it has been rough, but you guys have done well at adapting and learning. Many people cry foul the first time they get hit and quit the game… which is really dumb. You guys deserve much credit for sticking around. I admire it.


Guess I haven’t fully messed with them then, my bad.

To be honest I never play on a server with gods enabled anyways so most people aren’t really placing them strategically to benefit from this.