Tips for building pillar/lollipop bases :)

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Hello! :hugs:

I’m in the middle of building a pillar base at Godsight Spire and was wondering if anyone had any tips for my clan and I in regards to beefing up our defense!

We have anti-climb going all the way up the spire but my main concern are the ceiling pieces stretching out from the foundations at the top, I guess people could just blow out the ceiling pieces and collect any falling loot?

Does anyone have much experience with bases like this? What works and what doesn’t etc?

Thanks very much!

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wouldn’t that be stupid idea in pvp? cant someone just knock out the pillar?

That would definitely be a not so great idea if the pillar was built on foundations from the ground up and destroying the base of it would destroy everything above it, but for this pillar base the foundations are attached to the already existing rock pillar so the enemy would have to blow through all the anti-climb all the way up before they get to the juicy stuff.

G9d bubble the top. That cancels out arrows. then just trebs can do damage.

If you have 3 or clan members, zeal can be gotten in just over an hour. Just need arch (t3) or named of the altar type. the bubble when activated right before raid, will protect 36 hours. So 1 bubble 2 raid times covered.

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:open_mouth: Wait seriously? I had no idea they cancelled out arrows too, that’s good to know, thanks!

Yep, arrows and orbs. Only treb can damage thru the bubble. Jhebal can get some damage, but it would take a few to seriously damage the inner bubble. Air from the wing attacks has aoe damage effect. All others need direct contact. And once it gets inside dome of outer bubble, it reduces the summons tyme, so unless a clan is willing to uses 4 or 5 jhebals, then you should be safe.

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That’s very reassuring! Thanks for the info!

Any time.

The den has @60 zeal, and if you run it in a circle, by the timenyou finish, the npcs respawn (15 mins). So 1 hour can yoeld roughly 240 zeal.

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