Raid a unraidable base

Hi, a have a question… how can i raid a base situated on a big and high pillar in the desert? if you know what i mean… i can’t place bomb, and i can’t throw anything because they have the god protection… i think that is a little bit unbalanced and unfair, specially because on ps4 we have avatars disabled…

Thats the point on building on pillars, but you can build a tower nearby and craft some trebuchets… Good luck with that

Probably talking about H5 ;).

Won’t work because they have god protection:

Interesting idea. Never thought about this :joy:. I’m glad I’ve got loads of landclaim around my pillar base. I didn’t build it to prevent people from walling me in as I never thought about it, but more to prevent people from building up jumping towers (you could even combine both. Wall the base in and then build a huge tower on top of the wall). You could either build this tower out of doorframes and ceilings (cheapest method) and just climb up (regenerate stamina on ceilings) or use solid foundations (more hp —> harder to blow it up) and a vertical elevator. Build your tower about 5 foundations higher than the roof of the base and extend it with ceilings into both directions. Make sure to have either 20 Agility and 50 Vitality (Half falling damage + maximum HP) and maybe even 30 Grit (damage reduction) or 50 Agility and all the rest in Vitality (Double jump + loads of HP). If you use the second option you should jump naked first to practice the double jump timing (if you are to close to the ground you can’t do the second jump, if you are to far away you will still die from falling damage). I’d also suggest having a cauldron on top of your tower. Craft a yellow lotus potion (or potion of beastial memory of course :upside_down_face:) and jump as soon as it’s crafted. You’ll have enough time to use it as soon as you are on the roof of the base. You can respec into encumbrance, fighting or whatever you need. Then all you have to do is blowing stuff up :wink: (and killing thralls probably).

Edit: Only works if they haven’t landclaimed. If they have, you have two options:

  1. Spending a few hundred (or a few thousand, depending on the size of the landclaim) bombs to blow it up.
  2. Waiting till they forget to activate the god bubble and use arrows, orbs or a trebuchet.

But I think after the newest set-nerf, we’ll se less bases that have got their bubble up every single raidtime. At least as long as gods are deactivated.

Ya tower and trebs ( if you have the resources and time ). Gas arrows explosive arrows you will need a ton of them. Me I would build a vault with platform t3 honeycombed fill it with arrows and go to town piece by piece remember it’s a pillar base the main layer is small 4 by 6 maybe that’s secure to the pillar everything else will fall with the right piece destroyed. Or the arrows in a straight line so you can climb so many choices. But if they are friendly let it be you can also build a pillar base their’s lots.

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