How to make the best defense out of this pvp situation

Inside ICE spire chasm, im trying to make a ceiling base with god buble. Problem is u can place bomb so many place under it like this picture. my question is how can i make this ceiling base more defendable and protect it from a possible bomb stack one shot?

Play around with it in single player. Bombs only do vertical range up to 5 foundations up so as long as you have that info you can find the sweet spot. Ceiling stacking is still up in the air as far as tos acceptable. I have done it on our last server but we try not to stay on a server too long. After a couple weeks reports start to come in. Also none of those spots in the picture will one shot a ceiling. I think you need 10-15 bombs for one shot. You also should keep in mind they need to be eye level or above to place bombs like that.

Forget bombs for this and use explosive to + gaz arrows. 3 to 4 minutes for a celling.

Empty your base at raid time is the best defense :slightly_smiling_face:

Start by building down from the chimney. Make a working “false” entrance at the top.

Build all the way down to the ground level, and develop your workshop in the two reinforceable cave areas. Place your core where you think you can defend it best.

You have a “throat” on the ground that needs to be reinforced. You will basically build walls with foundations to cram into that throat. This acts as your Ground Fuze.

Up above, you will have created the impression of an entrance via the chimney. In reality, it’s much more honeycombed foundations on ceilings on foundations on ceilings. Make it look like you use it: leave a chest up top for your armor, then suicide inside a little closet up there so that you can beam into the base.

Then it’s all up to math: how long does it take to get to your tootsie roll center? That’s how much you cram into the throat, and pile into the chimney.

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selene what are u talking about? u dont see i wrote god buble how can u shoot it?

That’s some slow shooting. :wink:

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If I understand correctly, all this time she is solo! Of course if it’s 2 players, so one shooting explosive and the other acid it’s way faster! I remember in one of your videos you crashed a base in the unnamed city this way. I don’t do raids so I would probably be slower than @Selene01, lol!

@Mubelsjeden I may be not good in raids, but I was damn good in defense, I will send you a message if you wish!

For these spots? Just put palisades in those zones. The bubble should protect those that are important to keep safe.