Layering not adding defensive

In past u place wall and foundation t3 it adds 170
K but now bombs hits both. Why this makes raiding so easy it becomes dumb. I spent 3 days wedge wall foundation that should added 410 k defensive but found out it only 100 k.

In past wall of wedges foundation with walls. That explosive have take out wall first then foundation then another wall and another foundation and last wall just to make entrance. That’s 3 walls 2 foundations 410 k. But now they all take damage so once reach 100 k damage there is ur entrance.

I spent so much time for nothing

Try to put the foundation on the outside. There is no advantage in putting a fencefoundation or a wall before that. It will take comparable damage. I think it has always been like this. So from the outside: foundation, wall (or fencefoundation), foundation, wall, and so on.

The wall only provides protection behind the foundation. If you have two foundation blocks next to each other, you can put a fence foundation between them, although there is no free space or gap. This means they share the same outer face.

No because it use to if Incase foundation with wall or fence and place bomb the foundation took only 1 point glitch damage. After took no more damage untill wall was gone.

I did test before took t3 damaged where it only had 100 hp place t1 wall and place bomb to see if t1 will protected it. It did but now it doesn’t

So now u have to have a huge space to make stupid thick wall. Just so u can compete with off line raiding

Also the stacking of fence foundations (and ceilings) is a possible and legit option. Try to adapt this technique to your favourite base design and the attackers will have a very bad surprise :slight_smile:

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