Walls and foundation don’t same damage by explosives

I find this kinda frustrating, set up 4 walls place explosive by one walls. 3 of walls be destroyed only farthest one won’t be touched. Now basic stone wall have 7 k health.

Set up with 4 fence foundation put explosive in front of it. Only fence gets destroyed is one that had explosive in place front of it. You think the other two fences take at least 7k damage leaving it with 2k health. No they only take 1 point of damage.

But, if i am not mistaken, fences stack vertically like foundations, so if you take the bottom out, the ones going straight up come tumbling down.
Walls can be "honeycombed all the way up, utilizing pillars and ceilings, which means that in order to take out the vertical places above, you have to destroy a wider swath of the bottom layer, along with the pillars and ceilings.
Complete divid vs 1 small hole punched.

But question why do they receive damage differently. It limits design. Right now bottom floor fence foundation with ceilings tile, stack foundation with 3 fence foundation and one wall. Then 3rd layer wall and two fence foundation and another wall with ceiling tile. Then repeat.

I agree, the splash damage is very sporadic and not consistant. PErsonally, it should do area damage of exposed. IE, anything behind the wall is safe, but up, down, side to side, now dip, baby dip…sorry, went full MC on that…should be damaged in decreasing increments, like stability. 80%, 60%, 40%, 20%

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