T3 Fence Foundation pointless on T3 Foundation

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer] (BOTH)
Problem: Bug
Region: EU

Placing a T3 Fence foundation onto a T3 Foundation does not prevent damage (explosive jar) to the foundation itself. (damage penetrates through the fence foundation to the foundation its on)

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Build 1 x T3 Foundation & place.
  2. Build 4 x Fence foundations and surround the Foundation
  3. Place Explosive Jar
  4. 9 Jars = fence foundation destroyed leaving only ~15 - 20k left on the foundation (non fence)

I don’t really know if this is an “issue” per say, it could be completely intended, however the fence foundation did reinforce your initial foundation :smiley:

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You used 9 jars and didnt blow up the foundation. The fence reinforced it just like it should have.

My point being that the foundation behind the fence foundation should have 100k

But all the explosions have splash damage, no? It just gets divided up amongst the things it hits, I thought.

Explosives work in very weird ways, and things like how close they are or how vertically parallel have a huge impact on how they deal damage. So I would say that the fence foundations truly did prevent the actual foundation from taking damage.

90k = Fence

100k = Foundation

9 Jars (Placed perfectly = 90k damage + burn)

Foundation had = 15k to 20k hp left

We can only guess at how he placed it.

On a side note I have had dupers blow up a vault through a wall by placing 200+ bombs and detonating them behind 2 walls. :wink:

It’s not worth putting a fence foundation onto a foundation if it’s going to allow 80% of the damage through. economically speaking You may as well just build 2 x foundations = 200k. Vs fence foundation and foundation ~110k withstanding

Edit I put the bomb at the base of the fence foundation in the middle