Foundation walls

So ive seen a few big bases pop up near mine that have built huge walls using foundations.
I assume foundations are stronger then walls.

How many treb shots to take them out (sandstone foundation)

This is just like people using behemoth gates for walls in Ark. I wish this kind of construction was impractical. I didn’t care much for the story of Ark, but Howard’s world is dear to me and maybe I’m just a crotchety old man, but some more realism would be good.

I will try my best to destroy them in the name of Howard

Yeah check 'em out with a repair hammer and you’ll see foundations have more HP.

Use multilayer foundation is more of waste mats then anything else. Because say you have foundation 6 high take the bottom one out the other 5 would fall.

T1 foundations have 10k health walls is 7k
T2 foundations have 50k health walls is 35k
T3 foundations have 100k health. Walls 75k

Ok then you have fence foundation which is 90% of tier version 9k, 45k and 90k

So fence foundation, foundation then another fence foundation. Cover same space as one foundation but instead of 100k it would be 280k t3.


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