May be a bug, or just poor coding

Game mode: Online PVP Official
Problem: Bug???
Region: US East

I noticed issues with certain builds taking damage illogically. Attached picture of what i am talking about

The Red Square is fence foundations, along with a crenelated fence. Inside was a foundation. I placed 30 bombs directly by the wall fence part. All the foundations around the red were destroyed from spray damage (100,000 HP each) of the 30 bombs, yet only 40,000 to 50,000 damage was done to the wall and fence on top. Even the foundation in the middle got destroyed before the walls and fence were destroyed. If this is intended, then I am truly done with the game, as no way the area I am directly attacking should outlast something inside of it. Especially if the item inside has more health (100,000 v 90,000)

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Calculate explosives needed for Wall 90,000 HP/6,000= 15 bombs
  2. Place 3 bombs at a atime, let them burn out.
  3. After 15 bombs, see very little damage i s done, so repeat.
  4. Be amazed as FOUNDATIONS around the area are being destroyed by spray damage, yet lesser HP wall still stands directly in the main blast zone.

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