Fence and Crenelated taking damage from players walking on them

Game mode: PvP online
Type of issue: Building issue
Server type: Official
Region: Mods?: no
Edition: PC

Bug Description: Hello, so I notice that, at the moment when a player takes damage from a fence (seems to be any fence or crenelated fence - only tested 4 different kinds of tier 3) That the fence also takes 20 damage to it. I am not sure if this is intended, however it was not like that before I believe. Sorry in advance if I am mistaken and it has always been like that.

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I just tested crenelations and fence. Made myself nice and bloody and it does do damage to them as well. I have no idea if this is new or not. I am on Ps4.

I know this “bug” as long as I play. This is at least one year. So I think this is no longer a bug, but a feature.

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