On official PVE i can damage other player bases, here is how:

Basic Info:

Platform: =PC=
Issue Type: =BUG=
Game Mode: =PVE=
Server Type: =OFFICIAL=
Server Name: =Official server #1021 PVE - g-portal.com=
Mods: =NONE=

Bug Description:

=On PVE players can damage fences and crenelations of other players=

Bug Reproduction:

=Walk to a fence or climb towards a crenelation. Try to pass it so that you get damaged (would cause you to fall down while climbing). You will see that besides you loosing some health (intended) the building piece has lost health as well.
If you keep doing that you can break pieces of the base of other players.=


I’ve been saying this for YEARS now.
But people never listen…

BTW, devs said they would remove this feature (cause it was a feature) in AoS. They never did it. Not sure it’s a bug, but yeah: it’s a problem, and it’s annoying.


Are you sure this was the case the whole time? I been jumping over and sadly against a certain fence of mine for a long time but only yesterday i started damaging it. I am not very active so at times i use my repair hammer to make sure that the decay timer for the different parts of my base resets. Suddenly today when i checked the base all kind of fences, palisades etc started showing as damaged when they had not before.
This was not the case on Friday or Saturday when i last played.

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We have been damaging our own fence and crenelations for along time in pve-c and pve. Typically because we short cut to get some where in a hurry what I can’t say if it is consistently doing. What I have not considered till now does it do damage to fence or crenelations from it’s outside face or from either side :thinking: this is on Playstation

from what I’ve seen in my base (yeah, I also damage it myself quite often to shortcut) it triggers the damage from both sides.

Its even worse with the spikes/palisades ppl place down. Every touch reduces their durability by 125 from max 5000. And if it breaks it as well resets their base decay time.
Why can’t others even do it on pve? If i build them that’s my buildings/defenses/decorations. Others should not be able to erase the stuff i farmed for on pve.
Same with the bear traps.
And why can other players constantly knock me on the ground when running with a horse into me?
Why can other people still steal my tar from my siege cauldrons? So the gong is disabled to make a sound, but these cauldrons can be used and looted.

PVE really needs some more love.

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