Remove fence damage on PvE (and palisades on players)

I know there have been posts like this before, but all got locked and the problem still persists today.

Remove anti climb fence effect on PvE…
For too long griefers use this as a way to troll players…:

  • Walling off players bases
  • Walling off certain areas’s
  • Walling off the roads so you have to move around it (not always purposely)

Now with T1 fences having the same effect, it is more than ever.

Please remove all anti climb effects on PvE, it really has no purpose… and remove the damage from palisades on players and player placed thralls, horses and pets


It has a purpose, keeping thieves away from your base. Just because its PVE doesn’t mean that people don’t try to steal your stuff by invading.

The trolls are a problem indeed, but we can’t fix one problem creating another :frowning:


How can they invade and steal stuff?


If there is no damage, people will jump over fences, right? They jump over and get insde people’s bases, steal stuff.

I don’t play officials so it might be different, but you can have a PVE server while also having your benches unlocked

Does official PVE server automatically have every bench locked?

This is a big issue and I agree. One of the main reason why the game may be losing players.

Btw, what does stealing ‘stuff’ from other players at pve mean ? We cant interact with anything unless it is crafted by us at pve servers.

Additionaly there re jackass players that cover the entire riverside with walls and moats and razor sharp pallisades. They block animal and resorce spots aswell. It is not their territory at all. It is the starting zone and the constrcution site scale should really be reworked. (Developers please check this issue if you want more players online)

You can loot other people’s belongings at pvp. Additionaly even there the souther zone should not be full open to territory claims.

Those gigantic structurs and construction sites aswell as hundreds of thralls and pets there also cause ‘Pinpointed mode’ which is basically pinning the player down and doesnt let you move but only do the animations. Actual Npcs at the map btw can kill you if you get Pinned down like this; at the open field(!), just when you were passing by that player made oversized construction site. A player can also be teleported far away middle of water, falling down a high ridge by the same (oversized player made sites) lag.

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Thanks for clarifying that. My PVE experience comes from private servers, which usually go differently. That said, it seems a much worse problem on officials and the downside i mentioned doesn’t even exist, so it seems like a nice idea.


Psst, OP, we put them up to keep PLAYERS away, not mobs. We have thralls/pets for that.

This is a great suggestion. Have come across so many players who block access and use palisades or crenelated walls to add to the misery. Absolutely no need for this damaging effect in PVE as you can’t steal other players items. It does however help those who like to grief in PVE.

Why do you need to do this in PVE? It’s a bit anti-social.

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You can’t steal on official PvE, and yes everything is locked.

On PvE for what? Why?

Why dont we see many online players at the servers where players build ‘‘Amazing wonders’’ (!) which cover the entire server. I started to think pvp server may be safer once the player learns the ways of avoidance and joins a pvp clan. At least pvpers clean the gigantic structures there clear junk swarms of thrall npcs and clear the lag aswell. More functionality, less junk, less lag.

Official PVE Server experience extraordinaire:

[ Giant player made settlements>army of thralls and pets>For every single player>Too much lag and getting pinpointed and dying to lowby npcs when we get a freeze or get drowned or fall of a very high edge when we get teleported by the same player made lag> +Pallisades add more salt, player made weird walls and moats we cant climb add more stupidity and grief to this ]

Servers could be named as this: (Echoing deep narration: ‘‘Choose your destiny’’)

-Get freeze and die to junk server. (Pve)

-Die while fighting real players server. (Pvp)


@ Konar Sadly this is true for most servers in PvE…

It is okay to build big in my opinion, but players should keep in mind that they are not the only one on the world and share the server with other players… like:

  • You don’t need to wall off area’s place a gate in it and always close the gate with anti climb fences, heck even players build stairs only for themselves and close them by adding these fences and gates…
  • You don’t need to enclose all tames and thralls inside the base like you should in Ark
  • You don’t have to foundation spam to your fish traps… just build a big enough fish shack and visit it from time to time, if you don’t you don’t need them… (a better alternative would be pillars with ceilings on them), I’m tired of stepping off my horse to climb these idiotic foundation spam to go where I want to be…

Some people just build big with a brainless placed wall or foundations with spiked fences and call it a base… where I see the “when you just spend more time on the details” you would have a much better looking base in general and does nt have to be big.

But hey building is free so… I can’t complain that much but what bothers me is the fences and palisades damaging me and my pet/thralls… one of my higher level pets died because I did nt see he was stuck in someones palisade in time (cause the palisades still take a while to load)…


There is many prroblems on PVE . and this is not only one. to change all that basic u need to rewrite whole game…

Or just one singl sollution

  • Official server rules on PVE like, if u build walls then only like everyone can pass… Also they should make Official server admins atleast 1 per server .

If someone does not play with rules then just kick/ban and thats all, i just now have something like u said about fence damage… did even report because guys started to tilt me righ half grid o big wall with fences and landclaim even new luxor and just said - we aint blocking anything…

And if u do report, then its most will me 6 month wait till something happens…

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Well, if they can disable damage from other players in PvE they should be able to disable fence and palisade damage on PvE as well.


Yes but i mean there is MORE things to “Update” for PVE, like i could add some rules, by the 6 months i play exiles, but thats too hard to do, and catch those who disobey…

Example is siptah… this map is so pure PVP… so small , and almost every lore now is blocked, u cant even finish journey beccause u cant read lores and such, also purge is just thrall stealable… u cant get t4 without someone stealing, vaults everytime are robed before u even get to end… fences all around only lakes that give u water…

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I cant even play no thanks to lag. Even when building a small settlement we need to build ots of crafting stations here and there and walls and then home for pets and stables, defense against the purge goes on and on.

If I choose the way of the survivor (I really wished to play like this without crafting and building much) and build less and use lower tier equipment then devs lock us to being wimpy for not using highest tier items.

Offical comment on combat and survival sounds like ‘We dont want players that have the talent for gaming; fighting and survive and enjoy the game. We want everyone to build and craft and grind for highest tier items. (which leads to building giant palaces everywhere at the map) Then even the dumbest of those grinder crafters can even summon gods and kill anyone with a couple of swings’

The root of the porblem is that actually. Unless this idea at mind is changed there is noway to avoid the major lag; no way to fix the combat/survival unbalance; no way to keep more players online and summon new ones. (I am not an ancient CE player and I allready started to nag Lol)

Dear developers please give all type of gamers a chance to play , your beatifull looking game, with alternative ways. Please dont lock everything under crafting grind and building more and more.

Thank you.


True there is a lot to fix on the new map, but my suggestion should be an easy fix and will cover both maps against trolling and griefing with fences or unintentionally building in the way and making it almost impossible to move, without moving around someones base.

Like… lets not forget they made it easier to troll by adding the same spike effect on T1 and T2 buildings as it was on T3.

Grievers got lots of them, bored PvPers who come to rain on our parade.
I had a wall outside my base dedicated to them, when they leave, I raid their bases and put their name up on the wall.
Also they run a 3 skull boss thru your base killing all your thralls. Pointy sticks stop them dead.

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No, remove the freedom to build excesively without repercutions.
The more limits the player have to build the less abuses of the building system are going to happen.

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How could it be to upgrade the gaming experience:

More purges and more often. The bigger base and higher tier settlement you have> You get higher tier purge and you have the chance to loose half of it pernamently.>More thralls and more hier tier thralls, mounts and pets you have got > You get hit harder. >You have collection of top tier equipment> Top tier Purge fns you at southern riverside. (Doesnt matter where you built)

I am also for turning all pve servers to pve-c . (Death to settlements yearghh!!! cough) I am sick and tired of dying to someother player’s Lag that is caused by the ‘Oh another palace of wonders’.

Developers should really shrink the zone the players are able to be settle and build (This includes the freaking skies)

Not against crafting and building nice looking (for the builder’s own eyes) settlemnts and statues [ I also do that at single player not to ruin my or anyone else’s gameplay ] but if this is a massively multiplayer mmo, no one should cover the entire zones of a map, block passages and turn the map in to a massive Lag whirlpool which sucks players inside and sends them back to their Bed or bedroll. > This is actually a form of pvp (same as the sandstorm or any sorcery in the game) at pve worlds. Just saying…

‘‘You civilised men are soft. Your lives are not nailed to your spines…’’

The game will lose more online players if it is not changed.