Current PVE griefing options (that I can think of)

Just in case you @devs are not thought about these.
All of them is at least annoying but worse they can make anothers player’s game experience straight up hell you will see…

I. building to near.
This is a twofold problem:

  1. it can block your expansion possiblities.
  2. Imagine you build a gorgeous looking city, nice view from all angles… and soon after it players start putting down their ugly small cubes around it just to them having an awesome view throughout their tiny windows… And that is utterly ruining YOUR view… yyyyaaaaakkkkk…

I. possible solution? make the landclaim dynamic. the more mass or older buildings someone has the closer he can build to the other base. which means the intruder came later cannot build at all only demolish which means if he wanna play he has to move. and more foundation for landclaim but please do not count this more place towards flora and fauna spawns. those should be stay intact, cuz most of the time it gives out a more pleasurable build to have trees and rocks nearby the houses…

II. even worse offender when you build your nice little base and someone overnight create a wall around it. 3 levels high with anti climb system. (and yes you get de-buffs from other player’s spikes so you will fall even in PVE (which is in itself is not bad if you ask me because a player inside your base is even more lethal to your stuff…) This makes your game unplayable. you cannot get in or out can’t build even a trebuchet to make yourself an escape route. so the only option is to spawn in the desert and start anew with whatever you can carry.

II.possible solution? Maybe the same dynamic or waaaaay bigger anti-player landclaim as with the first problem.

III. players can kill other player’s thralls (again it is only causing problem on PVE, PVP players are nuts by default so they deserve to loose stuff… :smiley: No offense there guys.)
But on PVE you cannot even revenge them. And think about archers and fighters a bit. why are they placed down in the first place in PVE? For looks, and to defend the base against a possible offline purge.
(I know the thralls won’t start a fight with players but we already discussed this in the patch notes)

III. P.S.: Make them thralls equally untouchable as other players in PVE.

IV. Players can highjack thralls. It is even worse. in PVE the nice builds are usually “open” not enclosed to a block house. And other clan’s members have access to shrines, W.o.P.-s, furnaces etc. And they are going to steal the thralls from it no matter what. And please DON’T say that we all have to make PVP style enclosed boxes or ugly walls everywhere to aid this problem. NO, that would be too limiting.

Again why is it a problem in the first place? Cuz in PVE players should never given the chance to mess with other player’s stuff. That’s what PVP for. And we cannot steal them back from his enclosed building or from a closeable chest.

III. P.S.: Make everything closed by default or better “closeable” including EVERYTHING which has an inventory like cupboards, shrines, workstations…etc. (I would not differentiate between PVP and PVE about this because PVP players can blow them up anyways.)

IV. blocking rare resources. On PVE this is a particularly cunning tactic. and EZ too. just buld a wall with a doorway in the mouth of a cave and you are done. NO one can enter that cave anymore except you. “Yeah screw other players this server is mine :D”… So yeah. crystal cave in pve-fast-#2 is ours… But I did teared down the door so everyone has access to crystal. but serriously this shouldn’t be allowed in PVE. Cuz there is no way to fight it.

IV. solution? maybe a PVP zone around these things on PVE servers. Just a small one so players can blow up these stuffs. Or not allowing to build there at all… which is not an easy task. ppl can build around with a way bigger wall and it’s still blocked.

Anybody with another thing to add? Give 'em @devs a list they need to fix for a good PVE experience :smiley: