Remove fence damage on PvE (and palisades on players)

Purges are not the solution IMO.

Purges are very, very unstable. A common occurrence is having your base destroyed by someone else’s purge, simply because your structures “were on the way”
They also spawn on dumb areas, go undermesh, and so on.

Having stronger and more frequent purges would also amplify these issues.

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Thats what I meant, The Purges should scale according to the player’s items, size and population of npcs. The purges should target only that specific player. Ht with higher strength no matter where he is located at.

You want to get richer fatter, softer ? Deal with the judgement of exiled lands.

Ps: Single player build/admin mode should be different for sure. But multiplayer (The real game) really needs a balance check.

True this happened to my bases in server 1036 trolls build close to bases just to get their purges hit bases of other players.

Naaah upkeep is the solution. You want to build a big base? Pay for it every day.

CE needs upkeep, faster progression and monthly map wipes. This way, you can’t spam the whole map with building blocks, you get a lot more repeatability on the content (which means more community content as well), you have to optimize what you’re building because it isn’t permanent, and you’re not giving up the server when you get raided (you can just start over the next wipe).

Maybe also add full wipes (levels and feats) every 3 months.

This would get rid of all the issues, and would force the devs to make their game way less grindy and the progression way faster.

Wondering why with such an amount of pve content, a cool gameplay, awesome graphical quality and a decent pvp experience, Conan Exiles is less popular than Rust? There you have it. Rust has weekly wipes, CE never wipes.

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Oh yeah i know that 1036, i was once in that server, i think it was first server PVE europe for me… well dont remember but first where i tryed conan and then for week left, because some guys was walled on river… so far i just heard something about Roman griefing family in that server :smiley:

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That is correct

Everything on PvE servers is locked, so theft isn’t a problem. In fact, the only way to have things UNlocked on a PvE server is to install a mod that allows for unlocking.

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Atmos4, I could write every word of your post!!!

The problem, they are locked in a no wipe state.

Then officials servers are dead, only fews ones with more than 10 peoples on evening (EU), massive building, spam, etc … and some players that log only to refresh timers.

Theft is not problem? maybe on exile land yes, where game is designed for more safety, but playing siptah i just now think start to think to change server again, because of some morons clan, they are like shrooms after rain, u gut up one that devs punish them, another gets in game, steam level like 11 , and guess what, they using game exploits like playing PVP style in PVE server… Examples, vault run and steal everything, Surge ruin , conv traps killers and such… and best is that in theory u are stronger than them BUT u cant protect u by killing them because they are just running in PVE server using game weakness and for example what i had today

Hardly survived 11 storms and killed 11 bosses with greater ??? and manny mini bosses, it took me like 7 days, today i waited long enough to get more good players in game others was neutral some helped me atleast tryed but then what game do

Marks spot to everyone that i am going t4 surge on map, then 3 idiots come, kills 2 T4 thralls, 1 they steal, and u cant do anything… u se because its PVE u cant harm players, but they can grief all u do, actually there should even make Rules that forbids to USE any PVP tactic in PVE… and if someone use something like that they should be banned, and best thing, u say them its PVE server and well look what they answer…

Basically start to tilt others, so why should players like them even play, basically run to vaults steal everything, and build walls with palisades… wtf… players like that should be punished… they did not anthing, basically come and ruin game to others, using some game not finished code… i dont think IN PVE anyone should be able to ruin game to others in anyway

Basically the prroblem is that players on PVE play like PVP and never get punishment… Should add actual rules about gameplay and if someone play like PVP on pve the ban and thats all… problem solved

Yeah, but make it toggle-able, so that modded PvE servers can still run the “old” way.

But it makes no sense. And with the change to T1 fences, it became really annoying (in PvE).

The main problem is: Does anyone from Funcom even read the suggestion forum? Were ever any suggestion from this forum used for anything? Because I dont see that.

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It is so annoying and I agree players that only play to grief should be punished…
But I’m afraid trolling had become so common in online gaming that it will never get fixed, unless you place someone in the server playing police.

I like some unharmfull trolling like run over a friend with a horse so he flies around, he simply does it back and we have a laugh.

But killing thralls, walling off area’s with spikes, building ridiculous big boxes, causing lag, abuse the system or w/e is not just trolling it is griefing and its what thess players only do… they play to troll and grief, they don’t play nor care about the game… they make sure every decent player gets annoyed and in the end make us leave the game.

I don’t think Funcom can place server police, so the solution should be a watertight troll proof system.

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