Randomly damaged parts of building

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug
Region: desert

Does anyone else have a problem with random pieces of your building being damaged?

Ive seen a couple others but i want to know if this can be fixed cause its a waste of resources fixing it over and over when nothing has damaged it. At first i thought itd be my archers but all arrows are still there and the damage to buildings is 20-100 hp ,i also thought it could be the sandstorm but i dont beleive the sandstorm damages buildings and if it did im sure it wouldnt be patches but chunks of damaged parts.

Yeah… Its even worse at my volcano base 10m next to a lavastream. But I dont repair it anymore… Only if the dmg is >1000hp.

Hello @Bluefire6171, welcome to the forums!

Do you have any relevant messages in your Event Log?

What type of server are you playing on?

It’s possible that the building pieces are being damaged by either NPCs or players, the sandstorms should do no damage to your buildings, however.

I thought that could be the problem but my base is far from npcs and im always checking the event log just in case anything pops up as far as players damaging the buildings, in currently on an official server with raid hours and during raid hours i lurk around my base but dont see anyone trying to damage the building , maybe by adding something that tells me what has damaged my buildings in the event log could help out.

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