Buildings randomly heavily damaged/vanishing (PvE Official)

Game mode: Official PvE Server (#1738)
Problem: Bug - Buildings vanishing at random
Region: NA

Here are some pics to show what I mean

This is sandstone, walls and floor pieces randomly missing, other parts damaged at random with anywhere between 3k - 40k HP remaining

This was a temple design, the right side had the same shape as the left

Pieces are just randomly damaged or vanishing in the middle of buildings. That altar is missing foundations underneath it. The pyramid beside it was also missing random corners AND single foundations inside it. Sometimes it will just be a few pillars, a random wall, or random foundation. (Think of Swiss cheese, but with bases)

2 of my temples have gone missing entirely. This is not exclusive to the oasis area in the northern desert - Has also occured in the northern highlands.

As this is a PvE server, nothing can explain the damage. Our clan is 2 people total (RL family based), and I am the only one logging in to keep timers refreshed.

This is happening to other buildings too on the server, as I explored around both the highlands and desert regions, it looks like a bomb went off on the server and there are partially destroyed buildings all over.

This is NOT from a purge, as our clan isn’t online, except very briefly when I go to refresh.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Issue started occuring 2 weeks ago approximately (around June 19th - give or take a few days
  2. Log on briefly to refresh timers (also check for damages with hammer) and randomly see pieces missing or heavily damaged.
  3. These vanishing / damaged pieces are occuring fresh within 4 day gaps as I log on every 5th

Also suffering from this.

Are purges occurring while offline inside the builds?
Seems to have begun on 22nd june patch.
Purge was patched to allow damage to builds, shouldn’t be any other damage sources to builds in pve.

Rather odd parts damaged or missing too.

Bout ready to give up on Conan, loosing crafting stations, mats, thralls is in no way enjoyable.

Enjoying your break Funcom?

Welcome to the fun of an offline purge.