Building components randomly disappearing (not decayed or destroyed)

Game mode: [Online Official PVP ]
Problem: [ Bug ]
Region: [US]

[When building a base yesterday I installed some walls. came back today some of those walls are just gone, not destroyed, not decayed, not removed by a clan member. The missing walls are not on the event log. this has happened on 2 of my bases.!


Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Unknown it seems random

I’ve been getting this but with floors. At first I thought it was maybe because they didn’t have support where they really needed it, and the server restarts were wrecking em, so I put in support pillars, and they still vanish every server restart. I thought the pillars would fix it but they didn’t, and we just lost a bunch of chests filled with stuff that were on/near those tiles. I’d post an image of it but apparently new users can’t post images, but you can see a singular hole going down through multiple floors with a lone pillar stack in the center of it.