Random base parts disappearing

So parts of my base just randomly disappear. I’ve had my back wall despawn 3 times…finally after a complete tear down that stopped. Then my beautiful map room build disappeared twice…now my Saber pit disappeared causing the death of 3 leveled berserkers and a T4 archer, all wearing epic gear with legendary weapons…This is too much…WTH is going on Funcom?

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This is not a purge thing. It isn’t a stability issue…Heck my Saber Pit is all Foundations on the ground with 2 stairs and some fences. I put a lot of hours into getting that gear, the materials to build etc. The event log just shows my stuff lost stability and my zerkers died. Doesn’t say why and there is no reason for it period. This is on server 1517 official, no mods. In B 12 grid. I ignored it the first several times but when it causes the death of my hard leveled hard geared thralls it’s just crazy…

This happened at about 2:30 pm eastern time today.

So Funcom…again today right before my eyes at about 2:30 eastern half my maproom building just lost stability and despawned…every day parts of my building are just going poof. All on foundations on the ground…this is gamebreaking

I replied to you in your other thread but your base is in B12 which is a meteor area so you are probably getting your base destroyed by the falling meteors. It is an intended mechanic.

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I’m not so sure, I have the same happening to my base in the South. I had a fountain on foundations in my courtyard and it just disappeared, and the foundations. It was only a few feet from my main building. I think there’s a bug with decay.

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After the anti undermesh update, certain areas near the green wall or locations where they could be used for undermesh are restricted or rather collapse if you build in those areas. When your clan leaves the line, the structures can be seen as entering an almost instantaneous decay and parts of said construction are destroyed

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I think on your case you are right, still there are areas like @Narelle mentioned that these things are meant to happen. I even find problems build in the docs of jungle, some pieces after awhile where disappeared. Sometimes we build in wrong areas or the wrong way and everything can happen after that. Still, I believe that in your case you were unlucky to get a bug. I remember @Lordgangsta29 had the whole base disappearance in just one night while he was sleeping inside. I remember it very well because we were playing in the same server.

No it isn’t meteor damage… My patio does take meteor damage but this is random parts of a huge base with parts missing while I literally watch them just go poof

I still think there’s a decay bug.
I’ve been monitoring this players building for awhile waiting for it to decay, since he demolished my buildings on the holiday retro decay BS. two days ago his building showed 15 hours until decay , so I checked back and at zero hours, it still wouldn’t let me break the doorframe. I had to relog just to do that, then I went back to demolish the rest and it showed 47 minutes until decay.
I still managed to get all of my loot back that he took…lol.

wow… an unfixed bug? who would have thought

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