Freeze and death and base parts disappearing!

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: Europe

Official Server 1001 - PVE

First, today, my game froze 3 times, and for 3 times I found myself dead due to falling damage (I fell in the canyon near the black galleon).

Now I found my house half destroyed and I lost 2 important structures: armor bench, kitchen and dryer. It couldn’t be made by another player cause I checked the decay time and it was 168 hours and I always logged out while at home.

3 days ago I lost my trebouchet cause it mysteriously vanished. Now it’s too much: I want my fu**in base intact as it used to be, and I even want back the goddamit trebouchet !

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

I don’t know how to reproduce the bug, it just happens.

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Where is your base located? What does the event log say? Possible causes of destruction:

  1. Purge
  2. Stability / Pillars
  3. Meteor (if in that area).
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Can meteorites take out building pieces?

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Oh yes. Building in the deep north is a bigtime gamble since TFN released. Ive personally witnessed the meteors hammering bases twice.

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Interesting. We have a Tier 3 material base on the next plateau down from the Frost Temple and over the last 3 weeks and (coincidentally, just after that big patch that ruined the thrall feeding came out) there has been several incidents of strange damage to the base and a subsequent outpost, where no damage was previously. And it is right where lots of Star Metal falls. Event logs only show. "‘So and so’ was destroyed by. " It doesn’t say what, just a period (.) at the end of the event line in the log followed by lots of reports about lost stability, then followed by all the stuff we lost because of building parts collapse.

The interesting thing is, that all of the damage seems to be from the direction that meteors would fall in that area.

Check it out.

Makes sense, meteors will find the landing spot on the ground, hitting a foundation. A single foundation can be the difference between a whole big part of a buildings, looses stability in a chain reaction sort of.

I dont think they leave splash damage although its been a while since I saw the last one. I think they just punch straight through. Those pics dont really do it justice cuz there are no scorch marks, but i dont remember that being the case with either of the two I saw either.

Even if they punch through (assuming they break what they go through), a loss of a single wall or pillar can break stability of parts of buildings. I don’t know the maths but tier and numbers are mixed to stabilize buildings, and beeing a bit complex, one factor change can make a difference somwhere.

The one pic with the damaged roofing as well as second floor damage, is looking south from the plateau just below the Frost Giant Temple just a short sprint from the obelisk. In the space in front (north side) of that building we frequently find meteorites that we mine, once we found one in our front hall and the thrall that was nearby had taken damage. But the meteors do come from the south south east for the most part and that area is ground zero for their harvesting, so it would make sense that they are hitting the building.

The other pic shows the south facing wall on an outpost we have on the south side of Eyelet Lake, on the cliff looking down over it. It also faces the same direction that the meteorites fall. We have also found meteorites on the ground close by and around that outpost as well. These are the only two buildings that have sustained significant damage for the entirety of my playtime, I mean aside from purge damage and stuff like that, and they are the only two that are in the meteorite hot zone.

I hope that these damages are from meteorites nailing the buildings, I would hate to think it is from a stability bug. Is there any info on the amount of damage they can do, maybe in the game files that anyone knows about? That would certainly be helpful in discerning if this is the culprit. I don’t expect anything less if building in a hot meteor zone, but would like to know.

Does your log say you lost stability before or after the hits? or if at all? the “destroyed by .” is def meteors. They just dont have a log entry for that yet. Throw yourself against the Cursewall sometime (edit: or into a Yog pit) and ull see a similar entry. Its really funny how Pippi (a mod) interprets that btw…

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