Items Destroyed by

My base is in the north and when I logged in, a portion of my base was destroyed at 1:20 AM but it does not say what destroyed it. I do have star metal that falls but it has never destroyed a large portion of a thrall before. how do you find out what your base was destroyed by? This is what it says …
Black ice reinforced wooden door owned by Stardust was just destroyed by… followed by another 35 lines that say various items in loot bags were decayed and items lost.

Was this from star metal?

Appreciate the insight and help.

Hello !

Where are you in the north ? I read in this post about a stability problem which damage the buildings, maybe your problem is related to that too ?

If no, then it sure needs furter investigating :male_detective:

Was it your old bedroom? I’ll swing by later this morning and take a peak. I’m not liable for damages incured…

or took direct hits from a meteor shower.

This made me grin, just trying to visualize that.

It’s like being cut in half by thirst, but by meteor.

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To clarify, when I built the base for her, I did realize star metal fell in that area, but at the time, it was not doing damage. This patch reset that, so mystery solved.

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