My frozen north base was hit by a meteor (I think)


I have a small base south of the frost temple obelisk. I think it got hit by a meteor. A section of wall was blown apart along with a few containers. My base is in the meteor shower field so I blame nobody but myself. The event log showed the destroyed building parts and containers but didn’t say what did it. I wasn’t purged so I’m assuming it was a meteor. I found 2 on the surface immediately in and around my base. Farmed em of course.
I’d heard long ago meteors could damage structures but never saw it, out of site out of mind.
Short story long beware of meteor damage.


It’s a regular occurrence at my base near the frozen lake.
Been killed while working on the base too.
Also had some strafe my ceiling and take part of it out before landing out side my base boundaries.

usually happens when you build over ressource spanws. thats the games way to say.


I use Pippi mod, and it has an Admin command for meteor shower. One day I was fiddling with it - and killed a wild Sabertooth with a meteor. Poor kitty :cry:

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LOL, I did the same thing but it was one of my players and it caused his client to crash - it was epic comedy.


When you lay with dogs… You get fleas.

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