Meteors destroying Benches inside our base even with a bubble

So we have a base set up just north of the YmIR priest trainer. From what we can tell the base is being hit by meteors, but never while we are in the base. They seem to be destroying our benches.
Yet never occurs when we are online or at least in the base.So to try and stop this from happening as we thought maybe the damage was only happening a t where the meteor would impact the ground, so we build higher so that all the benches would b up off the ground thus should not b any splash damage but still seems to b occurring. Yet no damage being done to the ceiling tiles of our base so how is t his mechanic working. why does our bubble not keep the meteors out of the base why do our ceiling tiles not keep the meteors out of the base?

Has anyone else had anything like this occurring?

The bubbles will only keep gods away. The meteor impacts are randomly incoming events and they will destroy your base by chance only when you build in the range of the impact zones. It’s a natural disaster and it’s intended.

I think meteors should destroy anything they hit, making sure no one is hugging the meteor nodes since there aren’t that many meteor location. And if everyone builds like you have then the rest of the players will be having a hard time on getting the star metals or none at all.


meteors impact over a very broad range actually including the plateau area before the frost temple area. But should they b doing damage just on their impact zone or through the whole course of ther strike and should not a tier 3 foundation or wall ceiling
keep them out.\

The will cause damage just by flying over your base if it is close enough to the impact zone.

If you build in a flood zone, expect to get flooded.

I built a small place up around the plateau near the Frost Temple and as I was working around inside, I couldn’t help but hear the sound of a meteor crashing and it sounded so close that I thought for certain it landed next to my little base. When I went to check the only one I could find nearby was several hundred yards away.
I kid you not, honestly, it was one of the most terrifying sounds I’ve ever heard.
You will never forget it when you hear it.

Ya tgose meteors will make you jump alright.