My frozen north base experience


I always heard meteors near the frost temple could damage your buildings but like much of the info about Conan exiles it was learned through word of mouth. About 6 mo. ago I built a small base up on the ridge between the two giant statues. Everything was great, the base remained untouched so I expanded a bit, more storage, an animal pen. I was rolling in greater sabertooths and a large crate nearly full of star metal bars…never quite filled it. Then after a patch about a month or so ago (at this point I’m not sure which patch) the meteors came for my base. At first the damage was minimal, no biggie, eventually it started reaching my storage and my sweet crates. So I moved my base up to the the next ridge where the obelisk is. I can’t remember ever seeing a meteor up there, it should be safe. Famous last words. My clanmate and I dismantled the base and moved everything. We made a nice black ice base up closer to the obelisk where it would be safe.
It’s not safe…it took about 3 days to discover this. I’m leaving the base in place, emptied it if it’s contents and will watch it get destroyed over time. Hopefully the map room will survive I’m sure I put that in a safe spot😜.

Since the advent of Meteors it has been this way.

This screenshot was taken over a year ago.

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Is there a map for meteor showers?

And also, will it be safe to build an extra empty floor to buildings so that meteors don’t destroy our possessions?

I tried doing that. I had my storage room surrounded by black ice foundations (including above). On one occasion a meteor went straight through a foundation (my storage roof), destroyed 2 crates and the 2 black ice foundations under the crates…I’m not certain but I don’t think there’s any guaranteed safe-way to protect storage up there. A meteor direct hit seems pretty bad from my observations. I’ve seen glancing strikes that didn’t seem to do too much damage. If funcom hasn’t changed anything in regard to meteor strikes then it seems like I just got lucky for a while and now my luck has run out up there. live and learn I guess.

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I had the same problem you had.

It’s possible to build a safe outpost (I’ve just a 5x5 shelter + well + maproom) just in front of the obelisk because there is an hill protecting you.

You could also build a big base on the mountains or just protected by the mountains, but the big area from the frozen lake and the obelisk is risky.

You can find usefull information here, but the map it’s a little outdated because the trajectories now have an angle more oriented in east direction than they was before the mentioned update.

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