How to fix star metal drops

Funcom please fix the star metal drops at north base between 12 c far left in the map it’s destroy my base. please find away to move it on 12 d instead thank you. Server 3733.


Like everyone else, (myself included) time to move to new spot and hope it doesnt rain rocks in that spot. LOL


Building damage from meteorites is intended. If you don’t like it, move outside of the area:

One spot in this area having a way higher frequency of meteor rain than another inside this area or than previously is not intended. If this is the case, please provide more details (see the Pinned “How to be a pro PS4 bug hunter” thread. Furthermore, try testing it in single-player/multi-player (whichever one you’re not in right now) and TestLive if possible.


I don’t need it to be move I just want it ricochet up more in that direction only one of my buildings is built on the rock that it keep hitting. I’m down the bottom from that mountain where the exile frost giant posted on top of.

Hello @Kaytaro-SN, welcome to the community!

This mechanic is intentional and there are no plans to change where they fall or the damage done to buildings, however, we’ll be registering your feedback so thank you for sharing it with us.

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Thank you

I just figure we can build anywhere without moving to different spot scents that’s what the advertisement of the game promoted. but it was false advertisement instead I guest. But thank you for your efforts in keep up with the good work. Also if the star metal does hit the building it should be glue to the building instead of demolishing it all together thank you.

Come on… You drop a thank you, then stop back in for snarky comment as if to have last word… really?

I built my base underwater…we all drown. “It said build anywhere!”
I built my base on lava, and we all burst in to flames! “It said build anywhere!”
I built my base next to another player, and he murder me! “It said build anywhere!”

come on… you built in location that rains meteors. >_>
You found out said issue at later moment, and its time to move. =p

He he he he.



Seriously, you just need to move. I like farming star metal in the NW corner near the Temple of Frost so I built a nice black ice base that incorporated the old fence at Bleakwood Ruins. Unfortunately it would get pounded every once in awhile by meteors such that I even lost some chests of goodies, crafting benches & thralls. When I realized that the damage was meteors & part of the game design, I just moved my black ice base & rebuilt on the west side of one of the giant Ymir statues just SW of the Temple of Frost. HINT: the meteors always seem to angle from the east, so building on the west side of the statue has kept my black ice base protected nicely (except for the fkn decay loss because the timer is back to only ONE week - not a fan of that on PvE). So build in a smart place & enjoy the ice in your drinks…

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Yes, there are two statues and some … stonehenge there to build behind them at least. Maybe some rocks to protect buildings too. Or maybe building with two rows of foundations instead of walls will be strong enough to withstand this kind of shower. It’s a PVE challenge, and I like it :slight_smile:

I tried putting up a wall of sandstone &/or black ice foundations to protect the east side of my Bleakwood base but the meteors come in a fairly steep angle so the wall would have to be ridiculously high to fully cover even that small fort.
I can attest that a meteor would destroy one thickness of black ice foundation & still do damage to structures beyond. Maybe 2 layers would do but for that effort, I’d rather move (I dismantled all of my black ice bits to regain some steel reinforcements & insulated wood).
On #3731 I’ve built on the large flat west side of the giant statue just south of Temple of Frosty Bits - only lost a stairway that was protruding past the south edge of the statue. Someone has built (name eludes me) a convenient map room close to the T of Frost obelisk which has lost some sandstone foundations to meteors (I’d assume) but otherwise is still there.

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It wasn’t false advertising. You built where you wanted. You just happen to have giant balls of burning rock in your living room now. Either deal with it or move. The choice is yours.


Then it seems you have chosen to deal with your choice of living location. Enjoy your frequent sky lights.

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But thanks for your opinion though

Please keep it nice and civil :slight_smile:

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