Star Metal Meteors Hitting Buildings

Can we please not have meteors hitting bases… Lost so much multiple times from this mess… If they hit, at least make them land on the first structure piece it touches and just deal a static amount of damage that doesn’t one shot the piece/pieces around it. I’m tired of getting on to see stations with hundreds of reinforcements/bars with thralls completely gone.

I’d rather they obliterate everything in their path.
It’s a meteor traveling over 50 km/s, not a flower petal caught in the wind.

One wasn’t enough to persuade you to move? :wink:


Fully established T3 base shouldn’t get rekt by that stuff. Black ice is technically stronger than the star metal material in game, so it would make sense.

Steel is technically stronger than water yet water cuts right through at high speeds.

Diamond is stronger than steel, but it can be smashed with an iron hammer because it’s brittle.
Black ice is brittle like diamond - the durability on the black ice pick is way lower than that of a star metal pick, for example.

So a chunk of star metal encased in a material much harder than itself striking a T3 building at an extremely high velocity… Yeah. I think it should still get wrecked by meteors. In fact, the damage should be a lot more widespread than it is; but what do I know? I’m no astrophysicist or material scientist!

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There is only a small zone where it’s possible and kind of a few places. Also it make so much sense to happen, so just move your base from that place or mod it in a way that it’s not in the dmg zone.

God’s bubbles doesn’t protect against it? Just genuinely curious… I don’t know the answer myself.

Man builds a house where tornadoes are known to frequent.
Tornado destroys house.
Man complains “someone should do something about those tornadoes.”

Lmfao so am I reading this right someone thinks if a meteor hitting a structure shouldn’t do damage. Come on if a meteor hit a house the size of those there wouldn’t be a trace of it left. Be lucky your base is still even there lol