Damage to buildings from weapons, What it means and a Easter Egg

Basically i’ve done abit of testing on the subject of weapon damage to buildings, And thought i’d post the results. Maybe it will help calm some the mind of people dreading that melee will base crack easily.

Does 40 Acc Armor pen perk work on buildings? : No.
Does damage from stats translate into damage to buildings? : Yes.
Do the assorted extra % damage perks work on buildings? : I believe it is purely strength/acc scaling. Although my math could be wrong, The tested values aren’t.
Do Perks effect tools or orbs? : No.
Do attributes help tools? : Yes.
Does Acc help orbs or treb? : No.

Star metal vs t3 control tests: All preformed on foundations (t3 reinforced/hardened) With the first attack of each chain. (Hammer heavy hit was 2nd, because the 1st heavy always misses target)
Keep in mind, Each foundation has 100,000 Health. With star metal tier because it is a intended feature for weapons to hurt t3, However is subject to change throughout balance phase.

(30Str/acc(Light Attacks)
Bow:41(61 heavy)

(0Str/acc(Light Attacks)

(0Str/acc(Heavy attacks)

(40str/acc(Heavy attacks)

Obsidian Values

Sword:63(L) 63(H)
Mace:63(L) 79(H)
Hammer:69(L) 89(H)
Greatsword:66(L) 98(H)
Spear:53(L) 69(H)
Dagger:32(L) 48(H)
Javelin:49(L) 49(H)
Throwing Axe:66

LORE WARNING BELOW! Read/click Summary at own risk x)


Remove bracelet!? What…? Why, How! When! x)


Let’s do the math:

100,000 health in a T3 foundation
/ 127 damage on a Starmetal Spear Heavy hit (With Strength and Accuracy attributes both at 30)
= 1,042 hits

1,042 hits
/ 1 seconds per hit
= 1,042 seconds
= 17 minutes
(Ain’t nobody got time for that!)

17 minutes
/ 3 clanmates (Perhaps as much as you could get around a cornerstone)
= 5.7 minutes
(Wait, that’s actually kinda low.)

/ 2 clanmates (Perhaps as much as you could get around the middle of a wall)
= 8.5 minutes

Conclusion: Make your T3 thicker than one foundation, folks! A single foundation is easy to break using Starmetal weapons, but multiple foundations, and multiple layers of walls will be a tough challenge.

This calculation was for a foundation, but walls will be about 50% easier to break. Consider that you could have 3 players max. melee attacking a structure, while also having an unlimited number of additional players attacking it from ranged. Ranged damage against structures seems to be almost identical to the melee damage.

8.5 minutes (T3 wall)
/ 6 clanmates (Both ranged and melee)
= 1.4 minutes (Child’s play! Although you’ll be ‘firing on all cylinders’ to match this speed)


The PITA here is the motion inherent in the attacks, and the risk of hurting a mate during team-focused demolition.

One recent scenario: Three of us worked on the foundation, then doorframe, of the rear entrance/exit after we cracked our way in. While Demo Girl is working her magic, with Fighter Build we are using Starmetal Cleavers and the Advanced Tool Buff.

47 DMG per second vs 100K HP comes out to about 35 minutes, but with three players it’s 11-ish of simply holding the right mouse button while we stay put in wait for an enemy response. In this case it was T2, so it was significantly easier to get to their beds and arrmory.

The benefit is you can be surgical so that in the Event Log it looks like you might be taking down foundation spam, one by one. Only after Jar Baby cracks their holdout spots do we use the mallets and spears.

I have not investigated whether the gathering buff from Survival affects this DMG.

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Why even have it in the game if its pointless who would spend 17 mins? Is it to test who would do it?

Regarding the Easter Egg, Spoiler alert


The archivist talks about 7 artefacts that combined can safely remove the bracelet. I have currently found 5 of them, with the help of admin panel; The heart of the dessert, the mask of the witch queen, tear of two races, essence of the serpent ring and the star of champions. the two missing are the diadem of the giant king and the shining trapezohedron. Combining all the artefacts will create a keystone to unlock the bracelet.

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Why even have it in the game if its pointless who would spend 17 mins?

It’s more coincidental — My theory is that the mechanic is mostly so that the Purge will destroy foundations.

My calculations were also for T3. It’s much faster for T2 (half as much health) or T1 (quarter as much health). A T1 foundation could be destroyed in about 250 hits / 4 minutes or less solo. Depends on how much armor the T2 and T1 structures have, compared to the T3 structures.

@Abcsam: member the US players/raiders on Silver Sun? They wouldn’t have done it.

On that same server some time after cleavers were introduced, I saw and heard how a pack of non-US guys did it because of landclaim? Buffed with endless durability they would just slowly digest T3 foundations.

This is probably the single most important tip for any survival builder game.
I defintely agree. and +1 for doing the math i couldnt lmao
Edit: Or didnt x)*

Nooooo Barnessss Stop giving away all the secrets, :3 I’m glad i wasnt the only one that tested that though :stuck_out_tongue: You should try them on creatures who have no meat also :smiley:
P.S I wouldnt use Tool upgrade mods. it lowers the overall durability of whatever you place it on,
And has litterally no effect (not on buildings anyway) Same damage per(81 0-str), and same durability lose per(4 lose per).

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You’re right, and I’ll keep newer secrets to myself. I do think it’s important to share what the enemy is up to on his streams, right now, though. A duder will apparently macro or rubber band his mouse and afk while the thing clonks along. We few, we happy few … must remain vigilant for the horde will arrive in almost a month! :smiley:

I do like to try the damage add-ons for random buffs. Starmetal is pretty cheap for us, and we’d been out gathering obelisks and weathered skulls, coincidentally enough. :wink:

Is it chocolate?


Easier method is to begin your attack animation and then open inventory. However it doesnt work for more then a few minutes, Because your character actually shuffles abit :wink: So they’d need to include a movement with their auto spam-click macro. (Unless they find a spot where character cant move i guess, like back against a wall or hip against one.

Lol! Maybe my easter egg title was out of place x)

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Thought i’d add obsidian values, just because its the higher damage “End tier” (without jumping into testing every single named weapon haha)
Sword:63(L) 63(H)
Mace:63(L) 79(H)
Hammer:69(L) 89(H)
Greatsword:66(L) 98(H)
Spear:53(L) 69(H)
Dagger:32(L) 48(H)
Javelin:49(L) 49(H)
Throwing Axe:66

Also Added to original post.

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