Melee damage to Buildings - Bad Idea (edit - good news)

We have been over this before. It’s a very bad call. I get it’s because of the purge, but players should not be able to use a stone pick to pick through a base. Rough estimate, 3 hours to pick through a T3 foundations with stone pick, 16 min to destroy it with Obsidian spear. Now multipliy this by China, and we know the outcome :stuck_out_tongue:

But seriously, this is not a good idea. A large clan can mow through a base without must cost. Remove it, or at the very least decrease damage done by players drasticly. Or else this will most surely come back to haunt you.

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Devs posted on the reddit:

Hi guys, Seen a few of these popping up so I’ll fill you in on what is going on here.

•This used to be a binary system of “players do damage to structures” or “players do not damage structures”

•We recently enabled it again to ensure that human purges actually do damage to structures.

•We’ve also changed it from a binary on/off system to a % based system which we can also scale with the difficulty of the purge.

•This will be available as a server setting so you can choose how much/little damage players can do to buildings with regular weapons.

•This setting is also exposed for the Purge so you can choose the %multiple of building damage that Purge waves can do.

•For official servers at launch, the player damage to buildings will be extremely low - probably capped at something like 1pt of damage per weapon swing. (We will put a minimum clamp so that every swing does 1pt damage).

Hopefully that helps to explain where the system is going and why it is in the in-between state currently.

Thanks @Wintervoid for clearing that up. Very good news :slight_smile:

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