Raiding t3 with stone weapons!

I dont agree with this change due to offline raiding and easier to get over crense you cant hit with a bow. IF they keep this damage to be enabled this needs to be nerfed and the purge damage from thralls be buffed. btw one stone pike on t3 is almost 6k dmg with 37 str if people are wondering

You can literally kick raid t3 buildings now…no need for tools at all…this needs to be fixed asap

and repair hammers

how do you raid with a repair hammer?

you just hit it at the door that is not in your clan

hilarious…im sure this will change. I bet they will go back to the teir system where you need a teir above what you are attacking to damage it. It was a much better system.

Raiding with tools/weapons in general literally never works in these games. Not once. Ever. It didn’t work at launch, everyone hated it and began quitting it, no reason to implement such a bad system again. Making people work to raid and take other people’s stuff that had to work to build is balance but instead I can spend 20 seconds to put on a single tool and ruin hours of work for other people. Makes no sense at all.

I think its because of testlive, surely it will be like used to be, steel weapons and above, will damage t1. T2 and 3 can be damaged only by orbs/explosives, trebs and Gods.

Spyno confirmed to me it’s just a bug and won’t work for Launch.

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i don’t think so.

The made all tier of build dommagable by weapon because of purge.
If they want to change this they have a lot of work to do.

:tired_face: We need more traps! Traps you can hide! Traps, which only get activated by hostile monsters, NPCs or players and not by yourself or clanmembers!


I agree with BiJay, we have dozen of Weapons and Armors, Craftingmats and other Stuff, but only 2 Traps in the Game. That´s not enough.

Pls Funcom give us more Type of Traps. Spiketraps, Arrowtraps etc.

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I hope they will leave it. I like this, in all the games of the ARC and other survivals, you can destroy the buildings of any weapon. It’s cool, I’m back for the sake of it. It was just ridiculous that you need steel weapons to raid

apparently, this change was intented as you can see in xbox patch note : Buildings and placeables now take damage from any tier of weapon.

so don’t hope for a rollback on this

Can’t they simply code for only monsters to damage building? Farming for explosives will make no sense if they let this way.

Damage will probably change for launch. Here’s some info from CMs:

What a bummer, I hope weapons really don’t do dmg for t2 and 3… You spend a lot of time building and farming for materials for ppl just break thro with weapons. -_-

Realisticlly speaking tho, on a PvP server with time restricted PvP action, tearing up a T3 Foundationg will probably be easy to deter (kill the guy or repair the T3 stuff).

thats time restricted not like how most officials are with 24/7 raiding I can see on servers with this modification turned up and down but since it is a polarizing subject since the game needed it and was patched out due to public out cry for pvp. The little there of of trap bases and base complexity is null with a person with double jump and a spear. With current meta of building there is only one base location that can defend against all attacks. Heat stroke pillar… with all other rat holes being filled in for them since launch there is no way to fight against it since everyone takes down the elevator. Also the fact is time duration of a legendary which was not in the video since a full durability legendary spear vs a door and someone on the other side they will eventually get in 6k dmg with a stone pike on t3 door, if all values of weapon dmg to doors is not nerfed it will be disheartening I already know of reports people taking down vaults with 5 people and 20 minutes…, so rather then wasting bombs we just hit it? I showed as well in 10 minutes solo almost doing 30k dmg with the sorrow, times that by 5 vs farming for bombs? vaults should not take dmg to swords the high tier bombs and gods should and the value of vaults increased 10 fold to signify importance of the vault. 1k steel reinforcement at least to be like these guys have a vault that is the best gear and placement in the game not so it can be spammed everywhere clogging up the database. Thats my opinion. I stick to my guns since the value of certain things is drastically overlooked.

how many dammage deal bomb do on T3 door ? 10k ? more ?