Remove damage to structures with weapons!

We have Gods, we have bombs, with 1 siege hammer you can destroy T3 structure with 20 combos. Vault in a little more. Remove this idea “raiding with weapons”, we already have bombs and gods as i said. Please.

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I can see busting in a T1 or maybe T2 door with weapons. But yeah, T3 should be a lot tougher than that.


I wouldn’t recommend to “remove” all damage to structures, but perhaps reduce based on what tier building it is. In addition to the “health” of a T1 door being much lower than a T3 door, I would recommend an opposite inversion of weapon damage, say a warhammer doing 25% of its normal damage to a T1 door, 10% of its normal damage to a T2 door, and 1% of its normal damage to a T3 door. That way, yes, weapons do still do damage, but they would be incredibly weak against the higher level tiers, but somewhat effective against the first tier (though it would still take a while).


With a siege hammer, you can deal 5k damage to a vault with ONE heavy combo. I can solo a vault with a siege hammer in under 6 minutes. The damage done by the siege hammer also scales with strength, so for example with 66 strength i deal 300+ more damage to structures. It takes about 30 heavy combos(5 ish seconds per heavy combo) to take out a vault. only 20 heavy combos to take out a t3 structure. Cant believe these devs didn’t learn from their mistakes the first time around. Hopefully they fix this, because i know damn well i aint gonna be farming any more bombs after this patch drops. Legendary farming ftw.


Devs, please put away possible damage with weapons. Bombs and Gods are here to do the work. not weapons. PLEASE!

Really that this still sitting on testlive? Damn… if they let this way I can see hordes of players leaving…

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Is there a actual siege hammer or just any legend weapon.

There’s a legendary hammer called the siege hammer that does the most dmg to structures, other weapons I’ve seen so maybe a couple hundred dmg to structures but nothing compared to siege hammer

Hey there,

We’re merging another thread discussing this issue into this one. Please remember that we have a specific Call to Arms feedback thread discussing balance changes, so please come by there and let us know :slight_smile:

CtA: Balancing/Progression bug and Feedback Thread

Quick update: Just got word back from our team. This is an unintended behavior: the damage numbers a player could do to a building should be negligible. They’re looking into it.


If you are max level and starts farming legendary gear, why cannot be stronger than lvl 40 players? Bombs may be crafted kn lvl… 32? I dont remember. This change give us again the damage to structures, raid without explosives its better for the low level players and for the max level players. This is like Rust or some other survival games, you can use the explosives easy-way or the weapons not easy at all way xd. Probably can change the idea a little bit: You do more damage to the interior sides of walls and doorframes and less damage to exterior sides. Reduces the damage to buildings a little bit, if you now needs 5 heavy to destroy a vault (i have read something like this a bit) reduce it to 15 heavy combos, balance it to buildings and BOOM BALANCE UPDATE xD Its just an idea, i dont play on pc so i cant test in the test-live servers so keep in mind my opinion of the damage per combo can be wrong.

Hey there

Does this issue still happen in the current Testlive build? If so, which weapon or tool are you using in particular and against which structure? Is it while playing online or offline?

Thanks in advance for your collaboration! :slight_smile:

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I unfortunately am not running a TL client at the moment. But I would sure appreciate it if someone who is takes a look at this. Because… this is important.

I was using the legendary hammer named “Siege Hammer”. I have done 50k dmg to a vault in under 2 minutes just now. The damage has definitely decreased by about 1/2 from the last time i posted about this. but can still destroy a vault in 6 minutes tho lol.
(This was tested all on a singleplayer world with no change in settings for dmg)

No problema. I tested on an enemy Vault and Yog Pit, TestLive Vanilla PvP with Raid Time activated.

Conventional weapons (although I didn’t test every wep) do 1 HP per strike. Occasionally they’ll do 2.
Siege Hammer does 5 HP per strike, occasionally 6. Sometimes only 1.

For control purposes I demolished the guy’s yog pit with the 2 explosives and orbs I brought with me.


+1 for being scientific. :smiley:

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So it seems this issue is only happening in single-player and not in online play, correct?

it has been that way since i played starting 9+ months ago. This was an unintended change with the new weapons i belive.

Also, if you can’t make explosives and the such at a lower level on a PVP server,it is for your own good (don’t poke the lvl 60’s til your ready). PVP is a different animal when it comes to leveling. People getting on PVP servers are power grinding to be ready for combat. PVE and PVE-C is a more leisure approach (not saying it is worse). PVP is about doing siege warfare. And getting to max level is a majority of the time a need more than a choice.

My clan watches the player list like hawks and notes fast/slow grinders. We usually stay away for a bit from slwo grinders, but if you take a month to get to 35, then we may be coming to get any T4’s you have harvested. Level too fast, you are aggressive and will be a problem, level to slow, then you are a storage ally/alt account for an enemy level 60 clan. That is the reality of PVP servers :confused:

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Orbs lvl 15 (cauldron+alch thrall)
Bombs lvl 35
Avatars lvl 50 correct

So, the most efficient ways to raid can be done while low lvl ^

I was just replaying some video from my TestLive Bonanza days, and I was able to scrounge more than a few orbs from human NPCs in my opening 45 minutes of gameplay. Some higher-tier items are (apparently) level-locked as loot, but not orbs.

Understood. All valid Single-Player feedback, in my opinion as a player. You may notice @Solarius is a hybrid contributor, in that there are several SP bug reports that are interesting and trackable, in addition to quite a few Multiplayer observations. SP feedback is definitely important, as I too have left openings in buildings for myself to enter after ending my character. I found it notable that when I early rushed upward to Asagarth I hit a lot of orbs on the way and around there, particularly at Desert Watch. There’s also a new Legendary Human at the grass Kiva outside the walls of Asagarth who drops some insanely nice stuff. I hit him at 19 and almost leveled up again after he was (finally) dead.