State of sieges, gods, and player structure damage


I believe that there have been several discussions regarding siege damage, god damage, and just damage to player structures in general. It would be very helpful to the player community if someone could engage, and let us know if the way damage is right now is working as intended, if damage is bugged, or if damage is presently muted/dampened for the short term while other issues/bugs are sorted out.

Player weapons are only able to do 1-2 damage to a player structure per swing. While this may be suiting an interest to make it harder to just pike down someone’s door, it would seem that this is overbalanced against the player who is raiding with a pike.

Siege damage from trebuchets firing rocks has definitely been muted/dampened. A trebuchet firing rocks at a vault will do 2 damage per rock. With vault HP at 600,000, that’s just a paltry 300,000 boulder strikes to crack it. This CANNOT be working as intended. :frowning:

It took me entirely too many grease orbs and explosives to sack a T1 Set shrine. 10 grease orbs thrown, and then a demon fire to ignite, and the 150,000 HPs were rolling off at mere 10s a tick. Also - I expected the explosive jars to be far more effective than they were here.

While I have not experienced it (as a raider, or raidee), I have come to understand that the god avatars are sickly nerfed, with very tiny damage with all of their stomps, strikes, swings, slithers, and tentacle swipes.

I think that every raider would like to know "is this the ‘new raiding game’, or is this just another game functionality that is not fully baked, and is still being tweaked?

Any players with anecdotal data (or actual recorded video / metrics) to add to this thread - I would appreciate it.

Any response from Funcom on the state of sieges, gods, and player structure damage would be hugely appreciated. If it’s not done, and you know that it’s not done, you could buy a little bit of patience with us if you are able to communicate. I expect that this damage conundrum is probably tied to The Purge, and Purge NPC damage, etc. Explanations are welcome!

Thank you in advance for your response to the community!!

I’m at the point where I feel as if I can only play my way and hope it’s going to work out. With regard to surviving, you can guess where I am solo vs three clans, and unless the gods come through one of these days there will be no chance for even moderately-skilled solo players. At all. I can hide like a rat, but somebody with enough bombs will penetrate my 1 million HP defenses. That’s just a fact. I am neutered without my gods, and right now only Set can kill T3.

When I say “play my way,” it’s a function of existing and deriving whatever fun I can. Raiding for a solo is not an option when steelfire must only go to reinforcements – especially when they are preemptively killing every alchemist on the server. It’s a starve-fest right now.

Since the release, what are the best methods now for raiding? I know that it used to be stacking grease orbs. But I am not sure that the mechanic is still the same.

I have tried a couple of different methods, but I have not been to clinical or empirical with my testing:

Stack grease (10ish?), then place a explosive jar, ignite by demon-fire orb
Stack grease, place explosive jar, ignite by arrow
Stack grease, ignite by demon-fire orb, place explosive jar in the inferno to kick it off
Place and ignite an explosive jar, keep it burning with grease orbs
… many different ways - I am unsure of which yields the best damage

Any feedback, or thoughts are appreciated.

I’ve been hit a lot. My internet connection was dodgy all day yesterday, so I built as best I could before the outage. (Wildfire.)

In the past, the raids were all bombs. Last night, everything got hit, and all assets at that base were wiped out. My character was killed, and only foundation dependencies remain. My vault was also destroyed.

By the splash damage, I can see for the ground assault they used lots of tar and jar. Blew off four T3 gateways, plus honeycomb plus palisades. For the vault, straight explosives. For the upper honeycomb, tar everywhere and orbs until T3 crumbled to dust. Tar on the heavy doors. Simple and easy. I keep planters and other placeables around so I can evaluate splash damage prior to server restart. If you check after server restart, damage is often reset!

Grease is so easy to scrounge, dead simple to make. Every clan on the server was wiped out completely. They all report the same thing: 2 hours’ worth of bombs, infinite grease, near-infinite gas, and a steady stream of fire orbs to keep it going. Nothing to be done about that, especially when the number of bombs being used is in excess of the theoretical maximums based on server lifetime…

I’m not lamenting but, without powerful Gods I’m a rat in a hole waiting for a chance to catch an archpriest and keep him for long enough to get a temple. Are you out there Set? It’s me, Barnesy. I don’t like passive mode.

Dang. Yeah, I am familiar with the farming grind for each of the items. As I cannot manage to get a few of my friends to join and play consistently, I end up being a solo player. I am more interested in knowing the order, timing, efficacy, etc., and the best overall method.

I’ve seen that. That actually aggravates me. I don’t think that would be working as intended. Shrines and vaults definitely get a full heal back up if they are not completely destroyed before a server recycle.

Certainly. My plan is to work up some actual figures, but since this has been such an amazing time post-launch I really have just been playing the heck out of it. Call it gluttonous, and it doesn’t bother me a bit, and it’s useful data for any player.

I will say, however, I plan to keep the actual testing data private due to the competitive nature of such things. This means I will likely share with you privately, and others who request it of me. But as I have few competitive advantages but them that I can gain myself, I hope you understand. I would not want it thought of me that I’m avoiding the question of best combos and best efficiencies. I simply don’t know at this point.

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