Is building damage like this intended? (See Video)

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Hey @SirDaveWolf

Are you using any mods? If not, is this in single player or online?
Could you provide a few steps on how to reproduce this issue?

Oh of course:

This was Testlive in Single Player. No mods used.

I used the admin panel to spawn in some weapons and buildings and started hitting them. The buildings took more than 1hp damage as you can see in the video.

There was also a purge happening right before this. I stopped it via „EndPurge“ console command. Might be important to know too.

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I won’t lie, I’d love to see that in the game officially. Damaging structures with weapons would be a lot of fun!

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Thanks for the additional information @SirDaveWolf.

It used to be and people could tear through sandstone with either steel(maybe iron too) weapons.

Someone could literally slam through your sandstone walls with a sword in about a minute and don’t get me started on what this meant for gank squads in the newbie zone.

Wasn’t a very fun experience because it did more harm than good and they changed it.

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I can definitely see that, but then again it would even the playing field for lower level players and solo players.

Right now I’m on an official server pvp, and in a 2 man clan. We have a vault literally filled with bombs, Max capacity. I can greif newbs all day long if we where jerks, and they’d have no recourse!

Lol I guess I’m saying it wouldn’t really change the quantity of greifing, just the way it’s done and who can do it.

It would change the quantity though and as it stands now we have more than enough ways to raid if you put the work into acquiring resources for trebs/orbs. Adding weapons into the equation would make it far more accessible than it needs to be.

I dunno. My clan is pretty casual and we have more resources than I could ever count. Letting the greifers alter the games mechanics is like the ultimate greifing. If it takes minutes to get through sandstone then you pretty much don’t have a chance of getting through black ice lol.

Yes but this isn’t about black ice. This is about sandstone. T2 and T3 have never been destructable via weapons but T1 was and it was detrimental to the lowbie/new player experience.

If anyone wants to raid a base, we’re as capable as we need to be right now with arrows, orbs, and bombs.


Hey @SirDaveWolf

One additional question: for testing purposes, everything you did to reproduce this problem is what is included in the video plus the extra bit of information, right? No weapon oils or modifications used at all that aren’t shown in the video, correct?

Yupp exactly. The trident was without any modifications.

I will also try to reproduce this on a normal testlive server tonight.

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On the PvP server it worked like intended. 1HP damage per hit. In my SP session (with different account) I still do more damage to buildings. Right after login. Weird.

Btw the NPCs have no death sounds and the testlive server is desyncing heavily :smiley:

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