Buildings/doors only take 1 dmg per hit

Last night we tried raiding a few bases and was shocked to find that after the update we could only do 1 dmg per hit on structures. We didn’t try explosives or orbs yet, this was only weapons and those weapons ranged from iron to hardened steel all with the same 1 damage.

Is this the new way of raiding now? I’ll be honest…not being able to do “decent” or “fair” damage to structures with our weapons is not at all fun (for me).

Well you can try using a sword or spear to poke stone walls in real life…

Honestly this game got a whole siege mechnics going on, trebuchet and explosive and everything, it’s awesome. The different aspects of the game is there for you to use and you are like “noooo pvp is supposed to be me and my mates use swords to kill people, then use swords to destroy structures, then use swords to destroy chests and take loot, then use our swords…”

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Pretty much what Lyserus said, if you wanna raid do it properly with the correct tools, weapons are for killing, not raiding.

Right, we’re referring to real life when I was attacked by ghost, giant spider, and the rhino I killed ended up flying about fifty feet…

Anyway, my only question was to whether this is the current plan that the developers have when it comes to the way THEY want us to raid. I appreciated the choices that were available before in this unrealistic G A M E.

Look on anything as an opportunity! Imagine you have 40 players doing 40dps and you actually can destroy everything.

But always remember: to make it even faster you ALL have to sing this:


Realism (As far as it can be stretched in any game) is a selling point for many games.

what “choices” are you referring to? as far as I can tell its:

“me hit man with sword… Wall weak and I no like how it looks at me… Me hit wall with sword…wall stronger than when me last hit wall…(Grunt)”

Not much of a choice to be honest… just laziness, and a cry for an all-in-one destruction bat.

To me this is more of a balancing update… and a concept that’s been in the game already AKA… using the right tool yields better results… and using tools made of better materials gets faster results with less item strain. The fact that you said you only used weapons makes me shake my head… playing the game… that has never even occurred to me to begin with… I would have at least used a pickaxe on stone walls, and the axe I use for cutting trees, on any wooden made structures.

Players with weapons will only do 1 point damage per hit. Try using a bomb.

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