Hello, FUNCOM! I’m back in the game with a new boom, and the fact that you can damage the buildings, now I’m shooting 1 and 2 and 3 of any weapons that I’m dealing with 1 damage! 1 damage Developers I hope this is a bug? and you will return the damage to the buildings? for me it’s a game on it’s finished, I’m playing on a pvp server and can not destroy buildings with weapons.

It is as intended for players to only do 1 point of damage with weapons. Try Orbs, Explosives, or a Trebuchet. If those are only doing 1 point of damage, then please report it.

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1 damage ??? it’s horrible. Good luck!

It is in the patch notes.

If there is an opportunity to convey my thoughts to the developers. They made a mistake.Now players instead of doors close all the foundations in 6-10 layers. They block all possible points to put Tovetis. I would have looked at how the developers will try to get such a base. You will see many complaints of this kind when players understand how to create their home anti-treasure house.

Nobody will spend 200 barrels to go into the house, but inside they need another 200 barrels or a drill, this is called an unprofitable raid.

Secondly, we’ve created a damage modifier for player weapons. This is to prevent regular weapons like swords, spears and arrows from doing too much damage against a building when wielded by players. From now on you’ll have a hard time breaking into someone’s base with a normal sword. The consequence of this is that orbs, explosive jars and trebuchets will be more important for sieging and raiding again.

They do read these forums. I have seen several of the posting in the few I have already read today.

I understand you, I was upset, I was glad when I returned, and saw that now it is possible to damage buildings with weapons.

I checked the damage on the buildings in a single game and on the official server. They turned out to be different with the same settings. The official server is 1.0 and in a single 1.0. On the official one, I take 1 hp from the building if 50,000 is 49,999. In solitary mode, depending on the damage, if the hammer has 42 damage and take away from the building 42. What happened ?

With the addtion of the purge, they needed to allow NPC weapons to do damage to buildings. When they did that, it allowed players to damage player built structures with weapons. The fix is what you are seeing in the MP game.