Community Polling: Weapons Damaging Building Structures

A lot of us have been commenting on this but maybe we can centralize it via polling.

  • Weapons should not be allowed to damage any building tiers
  • Weapons allowed to damage building tier one
  • Weapons allowed to damage building tier two
  • Weapons allowed to damage building tier three

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I hope I set this up right. lol.

Yep, works great!

Will the trebuchet get insignificant when all the weapons can damage T2 and T3? :cry:

Perhaps it would be better to scale the attacks on structures. Sandstorms damage T1, but only objects and Thralls left outside on T2 and T3 (water wells, pain wheels, unprotected guards). Hand-held weapons (like Steel Hammer) for T1 & T2, but not T3. Trebs on all structures including T3.

Wepons should be able to break the tier below, so iron should be breaking t1, steel from t2 to below, ice and black ice t3 and below, starmetal breaks everything.

Anyway you don’t see the bigger picture, this move was probably (i might be wrong) for the purge, to make whatever comes with the purge to be able to break through anything and they couldn’t separate AI from players so decided to go all the way in, enable everything.


Puh, I see… defending my base will get really tough now. :scream:
But let them come - I will consider some nice suprises :smiling_imp: cause I know there will be many more traps coming for release. (I asked this question in one of the last dev streams and they did confirm this)


I really hope that current situation of breaking T3 buildings with fists is just a bug. It was fine the way it was before.

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I believe this is the reason behind it. So that NPC can do something. But since Purge will happen no matter if you are online or offline it could mean lot of repairing and huge thrall defenses and also strong walls. It will possibly cause higher amount of object / m2 = server performance load increase / “lag”. But we will see how it will turn out :slightly_smiling_face:

I hope to see, not just thralls breaking through walls, gates, or doors, but also climbing (scaling) walls and thrall archers taking up positions on tops of walls or roof perches. I hope they are challenging (not a joke nor a fatalistic frustration). Balance will be key. But if “Purge Thralls” need extra advantages to be challenging, so be it. Let them ‘charge’ into their own destruction!

Weapons should not do any significant damage to any structure above Tier 1. Otherwise, siege weapons become obsolete.

Weapons will deal 1 point of damage to buildings, based on information provided by the Devs, if they are T2 or stronger. There is a server setting that allows admins to disable damage to player owned buildings that defeats the purpose of PvP.

The one point thing is an idea not even being tested and the weapon damage is already insignificant, took me and a buddy using exceptional starmetal great swords at least 20 some minutes to break one black ice door. It’s fine where it is at.