Damage to structures by players and purges

Can some one tell me if there is a place to go to see which tiers require which weapons to be used against them to do damage?
For instance: Can a player using a sword do ANY damage to ANY tier structure? Can a T4 purge, using swords and arrows, destroy a T2, 3 and 4 structure?
Where is this information located?

This is damage from the purge that was done to my main base. This is from the current TestLive build.

The road is T3 with the gate structure all in T2. Damage was extensive in the location due to my thralls not being able to get a clear shot at the attacking bandits. Also one of the bandits in each wave was throwing orbs. In addition to replacing what was destroyed, i had to repair all the surrounding damage.

This is the repaired gate/road with some upgrades to the defensive positions.

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I appreciate your response. I have always known that certain Tier purges will start throwing orbs around the 2nd to 3rd wave. What I’m trying to find out is did swords and arrows ALWAYS damage structures? Is it that an iron sword won’t damage T3 but a legendary weapon will?

As far as I know, and can tell from experience, damage is damage. A stone sword will do the same damage to a sandstone foundation as it will a reinforced stone foundation. And it will do whatever damage is assigned to that weapon. Tiers in this game are just an indication of higher HP blocks. As for purges, I’m sure the same goes with those as well.

This is not like Ark where certain structures are resistant to certain sources of damage.

Most of what was destroyed was T3 and that was done by the first wave. I killed most of the second wave before it reached that location. Out of the 3rd wave, only one made it that far. For some reason they walked along the path at the base of the cliff that marks the east side of my base. I was able to pick them off from there. Would have been quicker for them to attack the north wall since that is closer to where they started at. I am not sure, but think it was a level 4 purge.

In the old days you needed steel or better weapons to damage T1 buildings, T2 or T3 needed explosives. People complained so FunCom made weapons cause only one HP of damage to any tier building, meaning only siege, orbs or explosives could destroy buildings.

Currently on test live weapons can once again damage buildings and t2 and t3 door have had hp reduced. Back are the days you can use a hammer to nash a door down.

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