Please make Weapons/tools do more then 1 dmg to buildings again

i just wanted to know when you guys might be making it to where people can damage buildings with tools/weapons again like it used to be where you could raid with a ancient kopesh on a t1 base why not make it like that again? ( where starmetal/Acheronian weapons/tools do decent not way to much dmg to t4 bases or legendary weapons do a tiny bit more then those or something D: please

  1. You don’t need resources of new players (100 hide and 100 plant fiber raid?)
  2. New players 90% of the time would leave server so kid clans would camp spawn desert/area
  3. It is to easy to raid
  4. Balance , you put some time to take stuff i put time to gather , fair enaugh
    5.* I think there will be small change in raiding soon ,atleast late game t2-t3 , jars and more. on dev stream they mentioned it as “idea”