Formally providing feedback on Treb and offensive raiding weapons are overbalanced in official servers

Due to the now visible expectations in the ToS and the examples provided, the offensive capabilities of raiding far outdo the defensive capabilities of the base. The mix of avatars and explosives are too easy to obtain in PVP setting and therefore can easily chew through ToS-compliant buildings.

In order for us to build as intended, I request that some balance between offensive and defensive capabilities in raiding are reviewed and revised. If this unbalance was intended (and therefore the expectations of fast turnover of bases and materials is the basis of the game), please let us know as well.


I want more variety in raiding methods, as well as stronger defenses. Some real back-and-forth gameplay.

  • Buildings need more health, ESPECIALLY doors. There’s also no autonomous defenses aside from thralls, and their AI is known to be terrible. Essentially, the barriers between your stuff and the raiders are made out of paper mache for all intents and purposes.
  • Bombs are still too strong for what they cost and the ease of placement. Even more so with the removal of stacking. Shorten the place distance and reduce their damage
  • Raids are too static. Things like battering rams would be good, as would useful siege cauldrons. More dynamic raid gameplay means more activity revolving around raids. More activity around raids means more youtube videos/streams showing cool plays and whatnot, leading to more revenue in the form of free advertising.
  • Better offline protections. This topic is hotly debated, but it mostly centers around whether or not Dynamic Building Damage is a good idea to implement on officials or not. Regardless, getting offlined SUCKS, and see the first bullet point on why its easy to do.

You should be able to increase the health of your building pieces by dumping more materials into them. Non-linear scaling, of course.

Requiring that they’re built in a bench and adding a placement animation would help too.

I absolutely love the siege mechanics in ESO. The reason I bought this game was because I thought it would be like that, but with player designed and built keeps. sad trombone

Agreed. Turn DBD on. I tried playing on a private server with very minimal raid hours but even two days a week for four hours turned out to be too much. I intentionally didn’t log in for the sixth raid window after guarding my base for the first five and was immediately offlined. Yes, the existing official PvP community will be decimated but something better will grow in its place.


I do not agree … try to raid and you will see.

Build mats are just as easy to obtain as bomb mats and building pieces can be placed even easier than bombs (you can do it through walls)

If people care to defend trebs are pretty much useless.

Sitting in your base with a repair hammer, stacks of mats, walls and foundations is easy (but pretty boring).

You also have the advantage that attackers thralls will spend 80% of the time teleporting to the wrong room, while you can place your thralls right next to attackers (if you have LoS).

Tbh it’s pretty easy to defend a decent base (but boring).


Thanks nice reply!

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