PvP and raiding balancing/improvements

T1 buildings should be brought back to being able to be quickly destroyed with a steel+teir weapon.
-T1 is far to cheap and easy to craft in massive quantity to use for large land mass grabs. it is not cost
effective at all to require using a treb or explosives to break T1 building structures. It is also benefitial for
server performance to be able to clean up T1 crap quickly.

After a building piece is broken by anything other than demolishing make a timer where you can not replace that structure. even just 5 minutes of not being able to replace would help.
-Nothing is more infuriating than blowing into a base and getting trapped inside by the defender replacing say
the walls right behind you with fresh full health walls. this is made even worse by the fact that you can not
break T1 building components quickly with a weapon.

Trebuchet can not break any placeables like boxes and crafting stations right now, they can only damage building pieces such as foundations and walls.
-Please tell me this is just a bug and is going to be fixed.

During combat animations you should be able to freely spin your character so you can at least redirect the next attack in a combo in a different direction.

Increase hitboxes on attack animations slightly
-I feel i am clearly hitting targets and they are not taking damage

Make lock on unable to target clan members or at least make this an option.
-while fighting with multiple people lock on feels like its prioritizing a clan member over other players or NPCs.

Make javelins and throwing axes stackable and replace one of the accuracy perks with when hitting a target with javelin or throwing axe it knocks the target down. or instead of making it a perk make it so when hitting a target in the back knocks them down.
-trying to catch people or keep them in combat right now is just terrible, attack animations are far to slow to hit
a moving target and we need some way of catching runners or keeping targets in combat.
I am not even going to touch on the bow because i have no idea what funcom is even trying to do with the
bow right now.

No, it isn’t cost effective to blow up t1 bases with seige equipment or explosives, and they probably don’t have anything for you to steal either. That’s why it’s a horrid idea to raid t1 bases, and that’s the entire point.

Making it so you can’t build after being raided is an absolutely horrible idea. I’m really not sure why you think it’s a good idea.

You can spin freely during combat animations and direct your attacks accordingly, you just can’t be locked onto the target to do so.

Hitboxes are already massive, too massive actually. If you aren’t damaging someone even though you’re hitting them, it’s because of desynch. Play on a good private server and it isn’t nearly as much of a problem.

Yeah, damaging clan members is a huge issue in this game, totally agree there.

Having a ranged weapon that would knock someone down is a horrid idea and would be the single most OP item in the entire game.

I agree that trying to catch someone is a huge problem.

the problem with T1 spam is that after breaking into say a T3 base the defender can just keep spaming T1 foundations to plug holes faster than a treb can break them. at least when plugging a hole with T2 or T3 those resources take time to craft and you can run a defend out of them. right now T1 is almost stronger because of how quickly you can farm a bunch of it and just keep plugging holes. at least before this could be dealt with by using steel+ teir weapons to break T1 quickly. there shouldnt really be a use for T1 buildings other than noob starting bases.