Highlighting some very important issues with Raiding and PvP

Raiding needs some love

This is written by a guy who loves PvP and plays these types of games to fight people and their bases. I am passonate about this game, and want it to be as good as it can be.

Finally a game with raiding times and more accessible raiding (trebuchets, orbs, jars). From my experience, similar games makes bases insanely expensive to raid coupled with no offline raid protection… both of which encourages offline raiding.

Problem is… currently there are some serious issues that breaks raiding and honestly just drains your desire to play.

I believe that raiding should cause a battle to occur between the clans^actual ^pvp…

If the attacker wins, they buy themselves more time to raid the base, if the defenders win… then the raid might be over… who knows? Right now there are some glaring issues.

You might disagree with some of the suggestions, i still hope to at least bring the issues to light.


If someone gets raided, they can just go naked with some walls in their inventory and just instantly replace or repair them so you dont even have to fight the guys raiding you. (PvP opportunity lost)

  • Suggestion: If anything connected to the building takes 10% of total health damage… start a timer of 10-15 minutes where nothing on the base can be repaired or replaced, timer is refreshed everytime 10% damage is being dealt.

Spamming foundations/pillars around your base prevents trebucheting. Trebucheting should be one of the main sieging tools; they are supposed to force the enemy out of their base to attack the trebuchet. Right now, trebucheting just doesn’t happen because of the pillar spam… (PvP opportunity lost)

  • Suggestion: Let you place trebuchets in enemy landclaim, it would need some limits to keep people from griefing. Alternatively; Upkeep system; Need to spend resources to keep your base from decaying. Things that are not connected to your main stucture should decay very fast, im talking less than an hour. Now… how do you define your main structure? A placable that is placed on a floor/foundation, everything connected to that floor/foundation will be calculated into the total cost of decay. Now you would need to spam connected foundations all around your base, which if you could maintain, would be deserved.

Putting 30+ foundations ontop of eachother should not be possible, this lets people bypass anti-climb by making large towers and jumping off with the double jump perk.

  • Suggestion: Buildings should lose some stability when building upwards

Avatar Dome is way too easy to maintain for how good it is. Removing the archpriest from the altar does not remove the dome, so you can move him around to other bases and put up multiple domes. The shrines dont get consumed either, so you can just farm a few hearts, and get it back up in a jiffy. Set shrine gives 30 zeals for every 5 hearts if you craft the armor.

  • Suggestion: Alternatively… it can stay this strong, but let it only protect against gods… not trebuchets and orbs.

Avatar shouldn’t be left to random chance of finding an archpriest, its not fun checking an npc spawn every 15 minutes.

  • Suggestion: (This might be a controversial one, not sure myself) Tier 3 altars should be able to craft the token baseline, but at an insane increase in cost, and not only zeals, whereas priests reduce the costs.


Biggest issue right now: being in melee range of someone and not even being a threat… people can run around you and just make fun of you. I’ve seen alot of people suggest a running attack, i am one of those people. The counter argument is always:

combat is supposed to be opt-in.

If you have ever been harrassed by people running outside your base, just running around… jumping (even worse with agility double jump perk) then you know the pain of not being even a threat to them.
Im not saying running shouldn’t be an option, it TOTALLY should, but make it take some skill and effort at least.

A player who is losing a duel shouldn’t be able to just turn away and be like

nah, lets end combat right here, cause that is what i’ve decided

Cause that is how it is right now.

If you see someone at a distance, you’ll be able to run away quite easily, but if you engage in combat with someone, it should be somewhat of a challenge to get away.
A running/lunge attack with tracking(follows the enemy) would do the trick;

  • The Runner has to pay attention to the attacks and dodge accordingly. He has to get out of melee range, that is his objective… using cliffs and whatnot.
  • The Chaser uses less stamina cause he doenst have to dodge, giving him an advantage, which is how it should be, seeing as he was winning the duel.

Make normal attacks track better aswell, your attacks shouldnt simply miss if an enemy is in melee range of you and you attack. Dodging or backing off should be the go-to way to evade attacks.

When an enemy runs out of stamina, this info needs to be conveyed to the player, you need to know when to punish.

  • Suggestion: Show enemy stamina bar, or add an “out of stamina” animation.

Honorable Mentions:

Vaults are way to cheap for what they accomplish, this results in the map being cluttered with vaults, and you have to guess which ones to break in to.

  • Suggestion: Increase their cost tenfold, make them an item you have to consider, not be mandatory.

Crafting UI could use some love, this game has ALOT of items and craftables, right now it takes alot of searching to find the item you want.

  • Suggestion: Without overhauling some stuff… a nice little QoL would be to make items you can craft with current inventory appear at the top, so you dont have to search everytime you want to craft something and have the materials for it. And say i wanted to craft a bedroll; if i didnt have twine but i had plantfiber, it would still let me craft the bedroll, but the game would automatically craft the twine first.

Using a map room to teleport, then being dead before loading screen ends:

  • Suggestion: Add damage immunity while on loading screen, or dont render the player in the other end until loading is complete


  1. You can currently stack alot of grease orbs in one location and light it on fire for an insane damage over time effect. The flames lasts for approximately 30 seconds, but you can refresh the duration of ALL flames with just one grease orb.
  2. Yog does negligible damage, Mitra and Ymir does 10k damage each attack, Set does 40k damage each hit, Derketo does no damage to buildings (might be intended)
  3. Your dead body dissapearing, and you have to re-render the area and corpse to see it
  4. not being able to switch your current active action bar slot with an item in your inventory

As a PvP player, this has been my thoughts on the current state of the game, and in my opinion the top priority issues to fix.


  • People replacing/repairing walls during raid -> add timer where stuff cant be repaired
  • Foundation/pillar spam around your base -> add upkeep system
  • being able to build infinitely upwards -> lose some stability building upwards
  • avatar dome too easy to maintain, or make it not protect against treb/orbs
  • aquiring avatar shouldnt be left to random chance -> make it baseline tier 3 altar ability, VERY EXPENSIVE, priests reduce costs
  • add running attack to have a chance against runners and harrassers
  • better tracking on all attacks, they shouldnt simply miss when people are in melee range.
  • add enemy stamina bar, so you know when to punish
  • remove agility double jump, its a troll ability
  • Vaults are too cheap to make for what they do

These are some interesting points. Hope the devs see it!