The Current State of Raiding/PvP and Root Animations

This is a controversial topic, so I strongly recommend you read my entire argument here, and if you do not have experience in raiding or pvp, please try to be neutral or ask questions to have a firmer understanding before making a true argument against mine, but please feel free to be involved.
Also, if you want to make an argument, please try to address each of my arguments, and not just one argument or one part of an argument, otherwise I have to repeat the arguments you didn’t address in a reply to you.

My Issue: When raiding, me and my clan set up a quick raid base and a treb. We start hitting the base with demon fire barrages, and this causes a swarm of other clans and solo nakeds to see what they can get out of it. This, so far, is not an issue whatsoever. NOW, when trying to kill the nakeds that are running around taking stuff out of the trebuchet and punching/kicking me while fighting, they just run away. I try to use a bow or javelin to slow them, but I either miss because they are jumping from side to side, or because the arrow fires anywhere for a second to 4 seconds after the animation coupled with the slow projectile. This makes it basically RNG when I hit them. The people who come to just harass the raiders are an issue because there’s nothing you can do to get rid of them and they have nothing to lose.
Moving on to actual PvP during a raid. In this scenario, there is only the defending party and raiding party. I believe the defenders are at an inherent disadvantage. (if they have a regular base. OP base builds is another discussion) Now, if the raiders are raiding only with orbs and explosive jars, they only have to run up to the walls and place a jar instantly. If the defenders are outside chasing the raiders, even if the defenders outnumber them, they can very easily still get enough explosives off because they can just run around in circles. I understand there are ways to mitigate forms of raiding, but this analogy is primarily meant to showcase why people shouldn’t be able to run around during a raid and not risk their life when they’re outnumbered or even outgeared, because they can’t be hit.
Having higher grit/stamina does NOT fix this. Why? Because of Root Animations, which make you completely stand still before attacking, losing all your momentum and allowing the person who is running to easily either dodge or just keep running. You are therefore unable to stop raiders unless they are noobs that commit to a fight until either person dies, which is not the average player by any means, and shouldn’t be because it’s how you lose a fight.
What Should Change: This is where it gets difficult. I want people to be able to run away before they get in to a fight, or run away from people that are chasing them, but I don’t want people to run circles during a raid and never get damaged, or just have BALANCED fights that don’t really lead anywhere because everybody just runs away when they’re on low health to regen, which is common sense but it makes battles last almost forever until somebody decides to run home, especially when everyone has silent legion armor. I think the best option is to make it so that when people are at certain health points, lets say >20% and >50% your character slows down considerably. I was also thinking about AoE potions that slow people, but they would have to be low range as to allow people who don’t want to fight a chance to get away.